ZUU (SECRET NUMBER) Profile (Updated!)

ZUU (SECRET NUMBER) ProfileInformation
Stage NameZUU (주)
Birth NameJi Yeong Ju
GroupSECRET NUMBER (VINE Entertainment)
BirthdayMarch 24, 2000
Zodiac SignAries
Chinese Zodiac SignDragon
Height160 cm (5’3”)
WeightNot Available
Blood TypeNot Available

ZUU (주) is a member of the South Korean girl group SECRET NUMBER under VINE Entertainment. She goes by the stage name ZUU and her birth name is Ji Yeong Ju. ZUU was born on March 24, 2000, and her zodiac sign is Aries. According to the Chinese zodiac, she was born in the Year of the Dragon. ZUU is of Korean nationality and stands at a height of 160 cm (5’3”). Unfortunately, there is no information available about her weight or blood type.

ZUU (주) facts 

Education: ZUU graduated from the School of Performing Arts. Additionally, she has studied the performing arts and has perfected her artistic abilities through formal instruction.

Similarity to Namjoo from APINK: ZUU is believed by many to resemble Namjoo, a member of the well known girl band APINK. Some physical features are shared that provide them with an identical appearance.

Products that must-have: ZUU cannot go without her perfume as well as lip products. She considers these things crucial and also ensures that she constantly carries them with her.

Hobbies: ZUU also likes to play computer games and bowl in her free time. When she isn’t focusing on her music career, these pursuits provide her a little relaxation and entertainment.

Drinks that I like the most: ZUU loves mango as well as peach drinks. She considers these flavors refreshing as well as pleasurable.

Favorite colors: Pink, red and black happen to be ZUU’s preferred colors. These colors might hold personal significance to her or just reflect her aesthetic preferences.

Talent in choreography: ZUU is also great at creating dance routines. This particular skill enables her to contribute imaginatively to SECRET NUMBER’s shows and also shows off her versatility as an artist.

Dance covers and training: ZUU had been a student in the W Dance Studio before joining SECRET NUMBER. She released a dance cover of TWICE’s “Feel Special,” exhibiting her dance abilities. Furthermore, she additionally trained at the Art Ome Academy for 3 years. Afterwards, she left her dance academy to study in Dong-Ah Broadcasting College, furthering her training.

Singers I like the best : Taemin and Ariana Grande happen to be among the singers ZUU enjoys the best. She admires their musical ability and could draw inspiration from their work.

Fashion preference: ZUU likes leopard print and finds it appealing. She might have integrated this pattern in her individual style and fashion preferences.

Performance nerves: ZUU doesn’t experience nervousness prior to performing – she experiences it in the song’s start. Performers usually describe this as a typical experience which highlights the adrenaline rush they experience during live shows.

Love for concert halls: ZUU appreciates the sound as well as atmosphere of concert halls. She enjoys experiencing it with no in – earpieces as it enables her to completely immerse her self in the power of the performance.

Future aspirations: ZUU wants to meet a lot more fans and perform in front them after the COVID 19 situation gets much better. Like many artists, she values the connection with her fans and also loves meeting them live during her shows.

Photography: ZUU’s group members, Lea and Minji, are generally the people that shoot photos of her for SECRET NUMBER’s Instagram account. The group camaraderie and teamwork is shown by this.

ZUU is a competent member of SECRET NUMBER and also brings her very own special attributes to the team. She’s an invaluable asset because of her dedication to her commitment to her craft, love for performing and range of interests. While ZUU continues to pursue her music career, fans can look forward to witnessing her development and success.


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