Kaylee Hartung Net Worth and Salary After Joining ABC Sports

Every aspiring journalist wishes to be a part of the biggest network in his area of expertise. However, only a few succeed and Kaylee Hartung is one of them. Over the years, the 34-year-old has become a popular face across the United States because of her work as a sports reporter for ESPNthe biggest sporting channel to ever exist. Her career with one of the biggest sports networks has helped her garner immense fame and reputation over the years. And her story from Baton Rouge to CNN is one of a kind.

Kaylee Hartung net worth is around $5M in 2020

Over the years, Hartung has been a part of some of the biggest news networks. These include the likes of CNN, ABC News, ESPNand so on. She is currently the sports reporter for ABC Sports. As of 2020, Hartung’s estimated net worth is believed to be around $5M and is the result of her highly successful career in journalism. During her time at CNN, the 34-year-old earned a salary of $1.3M per annum whereas she currently pockets $85K a month with ABC Sports.

From Baton Rouge To CNN

Hailing from Baton Rouge, LA, Hartung has certainly come a long way. Kaylee Hartung was born on 7th November 1985. Since a young age, Hartung’s mother was always supportive of her life choices. In an interview with Variety, Hartung revealed that her mother was her biggest support growing up and she owes her success to her. Hartung attended the Episcopal High School in Baton Rouge. Following her high school education, Hartung went on to attend the Washington And Lee University from where she graduated with a Bachelor’s in politics and journalism in 2003.

During her college days, Hartung was deeply attached to politics and journalism and never ceased to persuade them one bit. Given her impressive portfolio, CBS News hired her as a political reporter in 2007, thus starting her long and impressive career in the field of news and media. Ever since her time with CBS News, Hartung has been blessed with immense success and hasn’t looked back over her career choices once. She first came under the public limelight after the 34-year-old successfully moderated a debate between Barack Obama and John McCain.

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