John Roberts Net Worth

One of the Supreme court millionaire club’s notable names, John Roberts, is an American lawyer and jurist. He has been serving as Chief Justice for the United States. He is well known for presiding over the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump. According to claims, he was the second richest Chief Justice of the country in 2017. Let’s look closer at his net worth and how did he become a multi-millionaire.

John Roberts Net Worth and Salary

According to sources, he was last reported to have a net worth of around more than $5 million — and a maximum of nearly $11 million. This amount was his minimum reported net worth. However, there are no recent updates regarding his actual number.

A website reported in 2018 that Robert was making around $267,000 salary annually, serving as the Chief Justice. Later in 2019, that figure went up to $270,000.

Most of Robert’s earnings come from his position and education, saving plans, and mutual funds. He is also interested in stocks and holding one of them in Time Warner and Texas Instruments worth at least $500,000 each and at least $100,000 in Sirius XM and Thermo Fisher Scientific, a medical research company. 

Robert has been in the office serving as the 17th chief Justice of the United States for more than a decade. His exemplary work has made him earn a fortune of millions. .

According to an NBC News report, in 2016, he also made money of around $13,600 teaching at the University of Tokyo in Japan about the U.S. Supreme Court’s historical perspectives.

How did John become the second richest Chief Justice of the country?

Robert was born on 27 January 1955 in Buffalo, New York. After attending Notre Dame Elementary School, he went to a Roman Catholic boarding school in LA, Porte, Indiana. During his tenure at Harvard, one of his first papers, “Marxism and Bolshevism: Theory and Practice”, won Harvard’s William Scott Ferguson Prize for a most outstanding essay by a sophomore history major. He carried on establishing more papers that gain recognition as well. 

However, Roberts had a plan to pursue a Ph.D. in History, but destiny made him go to Harvard Law School from where he graduated in 1979 with a J.D. magna cum laude.

After graduating, Roberts’s first job was to work for Judge Henry Friendly as a clerk for a year from 1979 to 1980. Later he started working for the U.S government first, as a special assistant to William French Smith, the U.S. Attorney General, and an associate with the White House Counsel. This was under President Ronald Reagan’s administration. Robert was nominated to the Supreme Court by George W. Bush. According to Forbes,”The Chief Justice, now in his thirteenth year on the bench, has helmed what many consider the most conservative SCOTUS in generations.


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