Joaquin Phoenix Net Worth; the Oscar Winning Star To Return as Joker?

Joaquin Phoenix Net Worth
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Joaquin Rafael Phoenix Bottom is an actor, environmentalist, animal rights activist, and producer. He has a number of awards to his name including an Oscar award, a Grammy award, and two golden globe awards to his name. He is most renowned for his work as Joker for which he also won his Oscar award.

Joaquin Phoenix has a Net Worth of $50 Million

According to celebritynetworth, Joaquin Phoenix has an estimated net worth of approximately $50 Million for the year 2020. His salary however is still under review.

Joaquin Phoenix to return as Joker?

As of now the only news of Joaquin Phoenix returning to the big screen is a low-budget movie C’mom C’mon. However, fans have been curious to see if the star will return as Joker to the big screen. There have been numerous speculations and reports that he will indeed be returning to play the Joker on the big screen not only for Joker 2 but also in numerous DC films in the upcoming years. However, the official announcement has not yet been published and fans have been waiting for the announcements.

The Actor’s life growing up

Joaquin Phoenix was born on the 28th of October in the year 1974 in the Rio Piedras district of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Joaquin Phoenix has four siblings named River, Rain, Liberty, and Summer who were also all actors. He also has a half-sister named Jodean. His father’s name is John Lee Bottom and is of English descent with German and French ancestry, His mother’s name is Arlyn, and was born in New York City and has Ashkenazi Jewish, Hungarian and Russian ancestries.

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Joaquin Phoenix was called the Leaf as he spent a lot of time during his childhood outdoors and was a huge lover of nature. He became a child actor at the young age of just fifteen years old.

His life outside his acting career

Joaquin Phoenix dated Liv Tyler, his co-star from the movie Inventing the Abbotts from the year 1995 to 1998. He then went on to date Topaz Page Green, the model from the year 1995 to 1998. However, since 2016, he entered into a relationship with Rooney Mara, and in 2019, the couple got engaged and in the year 2020, Mara and Joaquin Phoenix announced that the couple was pregnant. In September 2020, the couple was blessed with a baby boy and they named him River after Joaquin Phoenix’s late brother. In 2005, Joaquin Phoenix also checked himself into rehab to treat his alcohol addiction and has lived in Hollywood Hills since the year 2006.

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