Jeffree Star appreciates James Charles’ make-up skills

Now, that’s not the news here. The news is that Jeffree Star retweeted her tweet saying, “Umm you look SO gorgeous!!! James killed it per usual (the 100 emojis)”.

The founder and owner of ‘Jeffree Star Cosmetics’, Jeffree Star is an entrepreneur, song-writer, YouTube personality, make-up artist, DJ, internet celebrity, and model.

To give you context, Jeffree Star and James Charles have history. They were friends, fellow vloggers, even business associates with Jeffree’s Killer Merch and Charles’ Sister Apparel. But after James’ controversy with Tati Westbrook where she denounced James, all was not well. Jeffree took Tati’s side and went to lengths to shadow Charles.

Through his tweets, Star called Charles a predator. He also told the world that his boyfriend Nathan had banned James Charles from ever coming over to their house again. He reiterated that James is a danger to society, and Tati is 100% correct. All this bitterness had to tear their friendship to shreds. Soon after Charles posted a video explaining his side of things, Jeffree posted an apology video sharing that he should not have succumbed to rumors. But was the apology enough? Maybe because in 2019, James tweeted that he cannot wait to try Star’s MagicStar concealer.

Source: Twitter

Now that we’ve had a recap, Jeffree Star appreciated James Charles make-up skills!

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Fans had a hard time digesting this tweet which can be inferred from the comments that Jeffree’s tweet received. Through their tweets, people expressed emotions from shocked to surprised. Many used a variety of GIFS to express their disbelief, as they thought they definitely missed something. Some even attributed this peace-making to coronavirus. Many people appreciated Star for this stating that just because there has been drama in the past does not mean that there has to be negativity forever. People used hashtags and quotes like, “Legends supporting legends” and “now that’s the tea”.

Well, all we have to say is ‘All’s well that ends well’.

James Charles is a model, make-up artist, and the first male ambassador of CoverGirl. The American Internet personality runs a YouTube channel, and in its latest video, Charlie D’Amelio made an appearance. She later tweeted that the videos about the same posted on James’ and her YouTube channels were trending #3 and #1.


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