TikTok Star Jayden Bartels suggests things to do during Quarantine


  • Jayden Bartels gives tips to cope up with Quarantine in a new YouTube video
  • She will be seen in the new Nickelodeon show

The TikTok star Jayden Bartels uploaded a video title ‘Things to do while in Quarantine by Jayden Bartels’. As the title suggests she gave tips to cope up with the quarantine and not get bored.

She started off by cleaning and organizing her room mentioning that a clean space helps the brain work better, moving on to playing piano and singing and asking others to listen to good music, practice music or just randomly enjoy it. Bartels is also a singer-songwriter and sang one of her own written songs in the video.

Third and the most important- wash one’s hands! She then leads to talk about small things one can do while sitting in a home without friends like playing with a camera and clicking photos or making a TikTok, while she was dancing to the song- Savage.

Another thing that the isolation has given us the opportunity to do is spending time you’re your family and the Youtuber proceeds to do that while annoying her mother n a funny way and she cannot go to and meet her friends, she called one of her friends only to get rejected. However, she led up by giving another tip to pass time- do fun makeup, to ad gunny elements to her video she did really horrific sized down version of a James Charles multi eye shadow look.

It was wonderful to see how small things were mentioned that could actually stop one from getting bored and feel good like decorating one’s water bottle with stickers, clean out the phone by removing unnecessary apps, workout also hinting at a future work out video and a part 2 to the series.

The Youtuber is also going to be in the new Nickelodeon show “Side Hustle”-a 13 and half-hour episodes, alongside fellow Youtuber and real-life best friend Anne Leblanc. Production is expected to begin in the month of March in Los Angeles and is set to premiere by the end of this year. However, due to the Corona pandemic, there is a possibility of a delay in production.


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