James Charles slams Celebrity Shout Out Platform “Cameo”

James Charles’s popular social media celebrity and a makeup artist took to Twitter to vent out his anger against Cameo. 

Cameo is a new platform that allows fans to book a shoutout from their favorite celebrity. However, the service is not free, fans have to pay a certain amount for the shout-out.

Users can go through a list of athletes, actors and social media influencers pay a certain and get a customized video shout out.

Cameo sent an email to Charles on 6th Dec 2019 to join the platform just like his other peers. 

In their email Cameo said due to Coronavirus pandemic a lot of people/fans are in isolation and, urged Charles to take advantage of the situation.

The email stated:

“I don’t know if your events have been affected by the pandemic, but we’ve seen a growing number of talent joining Cameo to stay connected with fans from the safety of their homes, while also having an additional revenue stream as things get postponed,”

This irked Charles more than anything else, he said that the company is trying to take advantage of a very serious situation. He mentioned that he privately messaged the company and asked to stop sending him emails, however, they continued to email him. 

Charles took to twitter and said

This tweet was later deleted.

“I interact with my fans for free every day because it’s my job and I love them!” he wrote. “Your website that charges for this is pathetic, and so is your email pitch to profit off of a deadly virus!”

A lot of people came in support of Charles and appreciated for his message.

One use wrote:

“This is such a refreshing stance on this issue tbh. Good to see you sticking up for what you think is right. And stressing it’s not about it the influencers who use it but the company itself”

Another use commented:

“I was thinking to do a video about using this site. Didnt know they are that shady. I am not your fans but I support your honesty”

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