James Charles receives backlash over imitating Adam Ray Okay Character, Rosa

Source: Instagram

In a recent video, we can see that Charles tries to mimic the Latinx character’s accent and characteristics. 

The original TikTok from @adamrayokay is captioned

“POV: Rosa finds out her 8th period partner is gay.”

As a conceptual character, Rosa has turned into a meme for many with Latin American origin.

Charles later decides to delete the video but the damage was done. The Internet was quick to save the video and share it across Twitter.

One use wrote 

“James Charles I hope you know making fun of a latinx accent like this is racist and that when the OG Rosa does it it’s not cause he is Latinx,” Twitter user @HectorUCalzada wrote. “Tired of his white ass profiting and making fun of POC.”

Source: TikTok

There is a difference between someone from the community making a joke on stereotypes associated with such communities and an outsider. 

“We are celebrating and finding the humor in the fact that most of us know ppl who are like rosa and marlene etc. We grew up with them in the neighborhood or in family, in school,” Twitter user @northernbruja wrote. 

“For us its all love but James Charles is just icky so I’m not about it. Feels more like mocking and rejoicing in stereotypes tbh.”


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