Jake Paul Net Worth: How Much is this YouTube Star Worth?

If you’re into youtube which we believe you’re, you must’ve witnessed this famous Youtuber and blogger hanging out on the trending page more than one can anticipate. Jake Paul is a 23-year-old popular YouTuber. Along with his youtube career, he is also an actor and boxer. All of his profession has made him an internet celebrity one cannot help but notice.

The youtube star has made an impressive fortune on youtube and now is on his way to conquer boxing. Though, what’s more, engaging than his controversial youtube videos is undoubtedly his net worth.

The American YouTuber is worth $20 Million!

Some sources believe the American YouTuber and former Disney star’s worth and earning potential is with a par with Nate Robinson. Through his career working for Disney channel on the series Bizaardvark and later making fun videos on youtube, he has earned more than anyone could in their lifetime.

According to sources, Jake Paul is estimated to have an astonishing net worth of $20 million. His brother Logan Paul is also a known YouTuber and recently introduced to the world of boxing. The Paul brothers together make a net worth of influential figures and continue to earn more millions through their career in boxing as of 2020.

According to reports, Jake became the second-highest-paid YouTube star in the world after he made $21.5 million in 2018.

Source: Instagram

KSI believes there was “nothing special”

Since Jake has entered the world of boxing, he is successfully building his rapport and momentum in the ring. Jaws were dropped after his impressive victory against fellow YouTuber AnEsonGib on his professional debut. Following that, his recent fight with the NBA fighter Nate Robinson on Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr undercard was quite remarkable. As reported, 

After scoring an illegal knockdown in the first round, the YouTube star continued his relentless assault in the second round before the contest was brought to an alarming end.” 

Jake’s performance in that bout left his fans and peers amazed, everyone but KSI whose reaction was nothing but ‘blah’. KSI is also a YouTuber with a fandom of 22 million subscribers. He and paul’s brothers have a history as he defeated Logan last year in his professional debut.

He showed how unmoved he was with the YouTuber’s act through Twitter; he wrote,

I saw nothing special from Jake lol. Soon come.” The words were few but hit the right spot. 

Past this comment, fans are excited to see both the YouTubers, Jake and KSI sharing the ring. Will this turn into reality? Only time will tell.

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