Jailyne Ojeda, the Instagram model faces backlash because of her recent upload


  • Jailyne Ojeda-the Mexican-American model faces backlash because of her recent upload
  • The Mexican- American model, Jailyne Ojeda was called out for photoshopping her childhood modeling photos.
  • She has been accused of promoting ‘self-deception’.
  • An Instagram account exposes her by uploading an unedited version of the photo.

The Mexican-American model, Jailyne Ojeda was called out for photoshopping her childhood modeling photos. She has been accused by many to promote ‘self-deception’. An Instagram account first started this by posting an unedited photo of the model, providing support to his/her claim.

A few days ago, after getting bored due to self-isolation, Ojeda uploaded an Instagram post of her photograph from when she was 14 years old, they caused a stir because of the visible use of photoshop. She reminisced the start of her modeling career. She received a lot of love and support from people but a lot of them were not happy with the post.

Source: Instagram

With the increasing social media exposure to kids, all teenagers want to become like the influencers and look up to them. Seeing their role models do something they might do to themselves too. So, people were concerned that it will affect the young generation and promote ‘self-deception’ which will further lead them to not love themselves.

A lot of times body positive influencers and supporters have come out in support of young girls who ruin their images with photoshop and this concerns the influencers with how these girls look and perceive themselves at a very tender age.

After sometime when the post had caused enough stir at the platform, and Instagram account @bellezacreada uploaded a photograph of how the model looked when she was 14 years old. The Instagram account has not addressed this issue any further now and only uploaded the photograph to stop any further deterioration to a young girl’s self-body image and confidence in her body.

The model got attention and her following because of her curvy body with a snatched waist, she has been in a lot of commercials, music videos, and brand endorsements. She is of Mexican descent and her parents are immigrants from Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico. She started off with social media as fun and hobby and realized that she loved taking her own pictures in front of the mirror so much that she converted it into a choice of lifestyle to monetize on.

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