Jacob Elordi Accused Of ‘Cheating’ On Zendaya With Kaia Gerber! Fans Unhappy

Euphoria co-stars sent the Internet into a frenzy when they announced their relationship a few months. Jacob Elordi and Zendaya were earlier rumored to be dating. The two were spotted spending time together at multiple venues on various occasions.

According to reports, the two would often make time for each other during sets as they were shooting for Euphoria. And finally, the Euphoria co-stars officially announced their relationship in May 2020.

However, things are now looking bleak between the two. 

According to sources, Jacob Elordi is accused of cheating on Zendaya with American model Kaia Gerber. Meanwhile, Jacob continues to fuel the romance rumors with Kaia Gerber after the two were spotted again partaking in some PDA. It looks like there is a new star-studded Hollywood couple to make their public debut as Euphoria star Jacob Elordi and Kaia Gerber continue to heat things after they were spotted once again.

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Have Zendaya And Jacob Broken Up?

Jacob Elordi’s secret romance with Zendaya may have come to an end after rumors surfaced accusing Jacob Elordi of cheating on Zendaya. The stories arose after Jacob was recently spotted on a dinner date with Kaia Gerber. Though it was initially dowsed down as rumors, fresh evidence has been found in the case. The new evidence in the matter suggests that Zendaya and Jacob Elordi may have gone their separate ways.

Source: Instagram/Jacob and Zendaya

However, their split is not confirmed as of now. According to Entertainment Tonight, Jacob has his eyes set on American model Kaia Gerber after the two were photographed engaging in some PDA during their dinner date at Nobu in Malibu on Tuesday (September 8). Following the dinner date, the two were spotted again partaking in some PDA. Considering that Zendaya celebrated her 24th birthday on Tuesday, the fact that Jacob was away on a dinner date with Kaia Gerber has raised several eyebrows regarding the relationship status of Zendaya and Jacob Elordi.

Is Jacob Elordi Dating Kaia Gerber?

Though there isn’t any official news regarding the romance between Jacob and Kaia, the two have been continually fueling the romance rumors. The pair seemingly confirmed those relationship rumors after being photographed hand-in-hand on a dinner date in New York City. The Euphoria star and the supermodel stepped out in the East Village with matching masks while wearing on-trend high waisted denim, further fueling their dating speculations.

Source: Instagram/ Jacob and Kaia together

Romance rumors between the two ignited when a fan tweeted about spotting Jacob and Kaia looking loved up in the big people a few days earlier. A source told that Kaia and Jacob have been inseparable for the last several weeks. The two have been going out to dinner every night and have been working out together every day. Jacob and Kaia were pictured in their respective fitness attires during a daytime stroll on Wednesday (September 10). Though they kept the PDA to a minimal, Kaia capped Jacob noticeably close


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