“I’ve decided to hand over my platform”, declares Shawn Mendes in an insta post

Shawn Mendes took his social media platform’s presence and used it for the struggle and dark days that America has been going through. The singer decided to give his Instagram account’s access to young Black Changemakers, as his contribution to the fight against the fight for the injustice the Black community has been going through in America.

The ‘Senorita’ singer has made the headlines now not for his new relationship or a new song but for something more substantial in terms of the well being of the communities in the world currently.

Shawn took to Instagram in the morning and announced his plan to participate in the movement, “I’ve decided to hand over my platform on Instagram & give my stories for the next few days to some incredible young Black changemakers on the frontlines in the fight against systemic racism.”

Further on his behalf, he highlighted the work of a young Black activist and student from the University of Virginia, Zyahna Bryant, in his announcement, “The first is @zysaidso. You can also head over to @shawnfoundation‘s IG for more information on her efforts.”

Bryant’s work has been recognized by BET’s Future 40, Teen Vogue 21 Under 21, and Young Futurists 2020. She has been working as an activist for a long time now and has been awarded for the same. Since the age of 12, Bryant has even petitioned for confederate statues in Charlottesville to get removed which passed in 2017! Zyahna Bryant stays true to her tweet, she makes things happen.

The world definitely needs more people like her in this fight for justice. Cleary the University of Virginia student was a born leader.

Before giving this huge platform to the changemakers, he and his girlfriend, Camila Cabello joined the peaceful protestors in the streets of Miami.

This past month has not only seen an increase of the pandemic in the United States of America but also the uncovering of the injustice that people belonging to the Black community face.

George Floyd’s murder was the last string and his death made people outrage beyond control and protest ever since the news broke out. A lot of celebrities have been openly participating in the protests and the marches.

Source: Instagram

Many of whom have been injured on the scene with the use of gas bombs, open firing, and police brutality. A lot of them even got arrested for standing with the people against the injustice including Cole Sprouse of Riverdale.

The groundwork for the Black Lives’ Matter Movement was manifested in the demonstrations after the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson in 2014 and the celebrities since then took it upon themselves to try to make a change. Numerous celebrities have attended protests themselves: some documenting police behaviour like Halsey, who was also injured; or speaking up like Keke Palmer, who told members of the National Guard that them kneeling “ain’t enough for me”; or calling for action from Hollywood, like Michael B. Jordan, who spoke about Oscar Grant, the man he played in “Fruitvale Station,” who was killed by a Bay Area Rapid Transit police officer.

This time people are calling out not only the people who are racist but also the people who have decided to remain silent as for now is not a racist is not enough, one has to become an anti-racist to make the change.


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