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Jake Paul in love again? Fans were dying to know if the “Team 10” creator was dating the Instagram model Julia Rose. They have been spotted quite several times hanging out in public after the shooting of the YouTube star’s new music video “These days” in which the model starred.

This might be exciting news for some people but breaks the heart of the Jana shippers- who wanted Tana Mongeau and Jake to rekindle their relationship. However, there seems no hope for this as Tana helped Rose to prank the YouTube star at a party last months which states that Tana is more than okay with this relationship and also wishes them good.

Now that the past relationships are in the clear, there is clear hope for this could flourish and all depends on the decisions they make. It was also revealed that the company managing the influencer when officially stated that the model rejected the proposal of the younger Paul brother was not entirely true, she came up and cleared the misunderstanding by revealing the truth that she just did not answer him at the moment he proposed and did not reject him at all and did end up making out that night.

Source: Instagram

So, it is yet to be confirmed by the influencer if she is ready to date the YouTube sensation yet or not. Jake also revealed that he fell in love with Rose while they were shooting for his music video and told her about her feelings after his highly anticipated boxing match with AnEsnGib at the start of this year. All of these things were revealed by the YouTuber himself in one of his YouTube vlogs “My New $100,000 Emergency Response Vehicle”.

Jake Paul has had been in a lot of relationships since the inception of his public lifestyle. The most infamous being his one-year marriage with the YouTuber Tana Mongeau (2019-2020) and others being with Erika Costell (2017-2018), Tessa Brooks (2017), Alissa Violet (2016-2017) and Saxon Sharbino (2014).

Source: Instagram

His previous relationships can be called troubled to mention the least, in one of the vlogs of his ex-wife Tana Mongeau, she was very candid about her life and stated that both of them never legalized their relationship after their huge stage wedding in Las Vegas, she also put the speculations to rest by telling that both of them were in fact in an open relationship and she did date Noah Cyrus during this time, to which the singer outrightly refuse.

Let’s hope that the younger Paul brother now finds his true partner and this does not become just another one of his troubled relationships.


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