“I’m pretty heart broken” – Jake Paul talks about girlfriend Julia Rose

Youtube star Jake Paul’s brother, Logan Paul posted a vlog on his YouTube channel titled “Punishing Jake Paul…”, in which Jake talks about him and Julia Rose breaking up. In the video, he revealed that he and Julia Rose are broken up. 

Jake paul said

“As you guys know I’am pretty heart broken, depressed, If you watch Logan’s vlog, my girlfriend Julia broke up with me”

Jake Paul confessed that he is hungover, depressed and heartbroken because his girlfriend dumped him because he is a f**king idiot. He pleaded and almost begged Julia Rose to reunite with him. He said,

“Julia, if you are watching this, please take me back”. 

He continued saying

“The only thing that’s really helped me is doing man sh*t”

Jake Paul also posted a YouTube video on his channel titled “I had to go to the hospital…” to tell people that he is heartbroken and depressed. He is taking his elder brother, Logan’s help to deal with his mental health. 

He linked up with his brother Logan Paul and Tanner Fox to race cars, do man shit and prank Blu as he broke the house rules again. 

Although Jake Paul mentions in this video that he is broken up and upset, he does not talk about the break up in detail. He did not even give the reason why they broke up so that’s a mystery for the future. 

Julia Rose who is also known as the World Series Flasher has not yet commented about the breakup, Jake Paul and Logan Paul’s vlogs, or Jake Paul’s mental health. 

Jake Paul and Julia Rose’s relationship was short-termed as they were first photographed together in February and they only made their relationship Instagram official on March 20. It was very short-termed. 

According to Jake Paul’s vlog, their relationship did not last even 15 days if we count it from the day it was made Instagram official. Even if we get ahead of ourselves, their relationship was not even 1-1.5 months old when they broke up due to unknown reasons. 

Jake Paul talks about break up with Julia Rose at 3:50 minutes

From the looks of it, Jake Paul isn’t doing so well. Let’s hope Julia Rose is doing better. 


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