“Ice it 3-5x a day” Logan Paul to James Charles after Mugshot Controversy

Beauty blogger James Charles recently put an interesting yet controversial Post on Instagram titled “Mugshot”.

The young influencer is known for his unique and artistic makeup looks. His recent Instagram and twitter post surely gathered a lot of eyeballs both for the caption and the photos. He posted 2 photographs of himself showing his front and left profile with a mug shot inspired makeup look showing a bloody nose and bruised eyes. The post was in line with the viral #mugshotchallenge on social media.

His friends, as witty as him were quick to comment on the post. 

Actor and YouTuber Logan Paul commented, “Ice it 3-5x for full recovery”. Celebrity makeup artist Eros commented “kinda hot”. Another friend and fellow YouTuber commented, “caption is so clever 😊

What is Mugshot controversy?

Though the post got 1.6M likes on Instagram, it also drew a lot of criticism. A few of his followers thought it was “poor taste”, “insensitive” and even “glamourizing abuse”. His friends were quick to defend him.

Comedian, YouTuber and Canadian actress Nicole Arbour defended James saying, “People mad at his photo watch horror movies and teen dramas full of triggers. Stop reading into things… there are real bad guys out there…he’s a makeup artist. A talented one.

James Charles later issued a statement on his twitter account after deleting the post on twitter, “ Despite the fact that hundreds of other influencers and artist have done something similar, I deleted the mugshot trend because it was never my intention to trigger anyone and it is a waste of time trying to have an open discussion with people who hate me regardless

His twitter army showed tremendous support on his statement. A follower commented “ boy, you don’t have to apologize for everything” to which James was quick to comment, “this is not an apology lol.


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