“I Love You So Much” Miley Cyrus to Kerry Washington on Bright Minded

Disney star and singer, Miley Cyrus had a wholesome conversation with Kerry Washington, the new guest on her Instagram live talk show “Bright Minded”. 

The girls talked about how both their dads have a very important role in their lives and how they are disconnected from everybody due to coronavirus, among other things.

Miley shared why she created ‘Bright Minded’ with her guest – 

I kind of created it at times of just feeling that fear, feeling that anxiety, feeling that panic and feeling disconnected, and you know kind of singular”. 

It was her way to connect with others and feel that hug while being safe and quarantined. 


Kerry Washington added:

“When I’m in a situation that produces anxiety or fear in me, I want to close my heart down and so having these places to keep our heart open, to connect with people…that to me is the only way through this”

She also shared some exercises to help with anxiety and feeling yourself closing up.

Kerry shared that she loved working with a total female executive team because her show was about being a daughter, a mother and how complicated these relationships get. 

She said:

It is really important for our power structure to be filled with women because it’s our experience and we could really bring all of that to the table”.

The conversation then flowed into how the best movie and the best television shows are honest. Miley Cyrus shared her opinion on the topic – “Even though acting is in a way pretend, you find something that has maybe happened to you in your real life and you could that emotion or the way that you reacted to it even in this like fantasy world”.

The Scandal actress gave out, “In all storytelling, I think this is true in music too when you’re doing songwriting, if you’re not sharing part of your real experience, people smell it”.

A sign of madness and stigma in the past, seeking therapy is something that is being increasingly talked about in these times to normalize it and more importantly, de-stigmatise it. 

Miley Cyrus and Kerry Washington talked about the importance of therapy. Kerry shared what therapy means to her – “Therapy’s such an important place for me to be able to meet my reliable self”. Miley added that there is nothing wrong with asking for help.

The activist also suggested that getting doctors and nurses that are on the frontlines the kind of mental health support that they need is very important.

Kerry Washington conversation starts from 16:00 mins

Miley Cyrus had a message for her viewers and people all over the world – “If you’re not in the place to you know donate money, giving your thought and your prayers and your appreciation…I’m sure means so much”.

Kerry Washington told the viewers that if they want to donate money, they can do so through an organization called ‘medshare’ which she has worked with. 


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