“I lead this new Generation, Boy”; Veteran Rapper Kendrick Lamar gives his first Release of 2020.

Veteran speed rapper Busta Rhymes has just released a hit old school hip-hop song and a lyric video for, ’Look over your shoulder’ but what’s got fan most excited is that the first verse is sung by Kungfu Kenny a.k.a King Kendrick Lamar. This is his first release of 2020 and has been awaited considering Kendrick has been extremely low key with his projects and music since his hit album D.A.M.N.

Kendrick Lamar on Look over your shoulder.

The song was first leaked on a website in 2018 and even circulated around in 2019. However, in October 2020 Kendrick Lamar and Busta Rhymes built the track from the Jackson 5 hit single ‘I’ll Be There’.

The verses in the song have a well-balanced mixture of both sentiment and boastfulness and also gives a shoutout to comedian Chris Rock who helped Busta rhymes announce the album in August.

Kendrick starts his verse off in a boastful tone which tells us that He says, “I wrote my first bars in the car with Stacy. How bizarre, my battle scars at large would lace me Big marbles, ni**a. I lead this new generation, boy”.

The lyrics to his bars are strong, sentimental and also gives some sort of announcement that he is back in the game. Kendrick Lamar has always been an artist that’s known to make statements as seen in his previous hit singles ‘D.N.A’ and ‘Humble’.

Kendrick Lamar after D.A.M.N.

Kendrick Lamar’s last music venture was in a feature in 2019 on SiR’s ‘Hair down’ and also contributed to the lyrics of Queen Beyonce’s ‘The Lion and King: The gift and J.Cole’s Revenge of Dreamers 3. In 2018 he gave the fans the most amazing soundtrack for the late Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther.

In March 2020, Kendrick announced to have found a service company along with his colleague Dave Free called pgLang. In a press release, he said “is not a record label, a movie studio, or a publishing house. This is something new. In this overstimulated time, we are focused on cultivating raw expression from grassroots partnerships.”[

The fans are definitely waiting for Kendrick Lamar to drop a new album after D.A.M.N and we already know Kung-fu Kenny’s hype will be unmatchable. For now, fans can stream ‘look over your shoulder” on all platforms.

Watch the Look over your Shoulder video below:


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