“I just had empathy for her at the moment”, says Ryan Reynolds to Peloton Controversy.

Ryan Reynolds trolled that conversational Peloton Ad, and the Internet has thoughts.

On December 4th, Ryan got a wind of a viral video involving a woman on a peloton bike. The internet backlash was quick and severe with calling it sexist.

Following the release of a viral, controversial Peloton ad on Thanksgiving, Ryan Reynolds recruited the actress Monica Ruiz at the centre of the commercial for a spoof from his Aviation gin company

Just to quickly recap: Peloton, a company known for its exercise bikes, released its 30 second Christmas commercial featuring a man who gifts his wife an exercise bike. The ad has since gone viral and been criticized for having undertones of sexism, with the wife being widely referred to as the Peloton wife.

Critics called it everything from sexist to body shaming, while others joked that the woman’s eyes were practically screaming, “Get me out of here!”

It seems Reynolds took the latter idea and ran with it, because his advertisement involves the sitting at a bar, looking completely dazed and exhausted.

Source: Instagram

In Aviation gin ad, Peloton actress Monica Ruiz is drinking gin at a bar with two friends where she stares into the camera during an awkward silence saying, “This gin is really smooth.”

Ruiz is reassured that she’s safe here, and they all cheer for new beginnings. At the end of the commercial, one of the friends tells the actress, “You look great”.

The whole thing is subtle and the only obvious dig on the ad is when one of the woman’s friends says off-camera, “You look great, by the way!”  But Reynolds did make sure we got the joke on his Instagram, where he posted the account with the caption “Exercise bike not included”

Reynolds also tweeted the video on Friday evening with the note, “Exercise bike not included” #AviationGin. On Twitter, the ad had 10.6 million views as of 24 June. On YouTube, it had close to 6.5 million views.

This is not the first time Reynolds has put his own spin on something that’s gone viral. After an anecdote about Fyre Festival event producer, Andy King’s willingness to perform oral sex on a customs officer to provide water for the festival went viral, Reynolds created an Aviation Gin commercial about the idea of dedication to your company featuring King himself.

Ryan Reynolds loves a good internet troll-just ask his wife, Blake Lively; so it should probably come as no surprise that he wasted no time weighing in on that commercial Peloton ad that took over social media.

Brands that can capture the consumers’ point of view and take part in a conversation around negative publicity for another brand stand to benefit if they get the right tone.

Watch his interview below:


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