Huawei Smartphones With Licensed Android Version To Be Resealed

Changes in Huawei smartphones

Past reports concluded that Huawei will not be capable to release new smartphones with an authorized version of Google’s Android producing system.

That is because the Chinese smartphone generator was located on the “Entity List” in the center of May. This has been adequately preventing U.S. tech firms from trading technology to it.

One distinct smartphone series influenced by the prohibition is the forthcoming Mate 30 list. This will be revealed within the next few weeks.

A spokesperson for Google said that Huawei’s latest flagships cannot be traded with authorized apps and services. The lineup’s future, then, proceeds to remain covered.

New smartphones

In spite of the ban, Huawei planned to release smartphones that still run on Google. an E-mail was sent to Android Authority, in that mail, the Chinese tech company established that by the edge of 2019, it will deliver at least two modern smartphones that are running on fully-licensed Android variants. 

Unlikely for US customers, this smartphone will only be released in South Africa.

Huawei announced that it will quickly deliver the Huawei Y9 S and Nova 5T. These two smartphones that are but incremental upgrades to their forerunners: the Y9 Prime and Nova 5. The Chinese tech monster didn’t say anything about the Y9 S, besides that, it will appear with “innovative technology.”

The Nova 5T, that was earlier leaked by a Google Enterprise listing. It has a 5.5-inch arrangement with a stroke space positioned at the top left edge. This is thought to come with four rear-mounted cameras, advancing for a whole of five cameras.

The expected Nova 5T is supposed to run on Android 9 Pie. It will arrive with 8GB of RAM and can be constructed to have up to 256GB of internal storage extent. 

It is also demanded to have a side-mounted fingerprint collection placed inside this recessed segment on the right-hand side of the phone, just under the volume rocker.

Will be supported by Google

Huawei said these unique phone designs, slated for the announcement before the year ends, will “still be supported by Google.” It’s unclear as to how this will appear as the U.S. government’s ban on Huawei is not particular to any location. Google is still held in the U.S. and is yet restrained from trading technology to the Chinese tech giant.


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