Huawei changes plan of releasing Harmony OS this year

Harmony OS

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei has officially postponed its plan to launch a smartphone with its home-brewed HarmonyOS this year.

Vincent Yang, Vice President, Huawei, told in a media event in NYC that the company has no plans to launch a HarmonyOS-powered smartphone in the coming months, GSMArena reported on Thursday.

Huawei would love to keep up its current android scheme on smartphones and can solely use Harmony OS as an idea B within the case sanctions are once more obligatory on that,” Yang said.

Huawei is widely expected to launch its Mate 30 series this fall, with some rumors saying the press conference may come as soon as September 19th. The phone can run android right out of the box, and also the 90-day reprieve extension that was proclaimed earlier on looks to substantiate that Huawei can have access to Google’s android long enough to launch each the Mate thirty professional and Mate X. Once these devices are announced, Android updates will continue to drop regardless of the fact that there’s a ban in place from the US government. In case you were worrying about the possibility of having HarmonyOS run on the Mate 30 Pro flagship at launch, you should know that Huawei doesn’t plan to launch a Harmony phone anytime presently unless the ban very will get enforced.

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Huawei has no plans to launch a Harmony OS-powered phone this year
The company intends to stay with a mechanical man unless it’s forced off the platform by USA sanctions. But a Harmony OS smartwatch is on its approach.

Even as Huawei touts the power of its Harmony operating system — a potential alternative to Android — the company insists it wants to maintain a single ecosystem and stick with Google’s platform. As such, the Chinese telecommunication system and phone maker aforementioned it’s no plans to launch a Harmony-powered smartphone.

That’s in line with Huawei Senior VP Vincent principle, World Health Organization spoke at a media event in the big apple on Wed.

We need to keep up one commonplace, one ecosystem,” Yang said, adding that Harmony would serve as an option B for the company.

But Harmony serves as a fail-safe if the US opts to enforce a ban that would prevent Huawei from accessing key parts of Android, including Google services like Maps and the Play store. On Monday, the USA Department of Commerce extended a brief general license to let Huawei continue doing business with USA firms. The company designed the platform, that it touts as cleaner than mechanical man as a result of it’s so much fewer lines of code, to power alternative sensible merchandise like cars, televisions and watches.

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Harmony may be a setup B for smartphones, however, and rule confirmed the maximum amount. But that will only happen if the US government ends up enforcing the ban.
Yang hinted that associate degree coming flagship can run humanoid, and that’s in all probability the Mate thirty professional, which should drop before the Mate X foldable. The EXEC aforementioned if it involves a shift to Harmony, Huawei can wait till the instant to drag the trigger.

If that were to happen, it’d solely have an effect on hardware that hasn’t reached the market. Huawei explained recently that it’ll keep updating Android on any smartphone that’s already available to consumers.

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