Himo C16 from Xiaomi: Introducing new e-bike that comes up with an affordable tag

Himo C16
  • The second release of an e-bike from the company
  • It pushes the boundary of affordability limit of price as well as comfort

 Just like last year, Xiaomi shakes the e-bike industry once again with their super cheap and affordable e-bike which confines a lot of facilities for user interference. Last year, at first it released the Himo V1 electric bike which came up with just $261. The company then followed to unveil Himo C20 which was slightly bigger and came up with $375.

But this time Xiaomi has brought down the price again for their latest e-moped hybrid bike, Himo C16, which is available at just $284 or 1,999 Yen.

The latest Himo C16 comes up with bicycle-like pedals to give a quite familiar feeling while with a scooter or moped-style foot platform. There is also a passenger seat on the back which confines a pair of special footrests situated on the side of the e-bike for the person who would sit back.

Coming to the electric extensions od the bike, there is a removable 48V battery which is being expected to scout up to 75 km (46 mi) of range coverage, but this range might be reduced to 55 km (34 mi) while carrying a passenger on the back 

For instance, the Himo C16 is rated only for a high speed of 25 km/h (15.5 mph), which certainly falls under the range.

Furthermore, The Himo C16 confines a rear tail lamp and front headlight. And both of the lights will be receiving power from the conjugated main battery. As the catalog is given, the front headlight is attached under the carry cargo basket. This adds an extra utility to the other normal small two-wheeler.

After this, there comes the braking system. Braking is ornamented with cable-actuated drum brakes which is adjacent to both of the casted wheels. The suspension has not been used in the rear, but the face does include a suspension fork.

There is a small front display that signs the Himo C16’s speed, pedal assist level, battery charge, headlight status, and odometer/trip meter.

From the news of gizmochina, it is confirmed that right now he Himo C16 is out in the market in white, black, or grey and is pretty sure that it would begin to ship in China in the upcoming September’19. So far, there’s no indication yet on when the bike would be out for international export.

As we know China is one of the busiest countries and there these little electric bikes/mopeds are very affordable because they simply can go through so skillfully in crowded cities. While this might be very hard to do with our regular bikes.

Just as last year’s edition, it is highly expected that this version of an e-bike will also make a good market around China and the world.

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