Heavy Rumors of Huawei Watch GT 2 Release Together With Mate 30 Phones

A fresh escape implies Huawei is about to originate a new transcription of the Watch GT, and that it’ll highlight a complex form tweak over the initial model.

This novel watch is probably going to highlight a stronger battery, as well as a microphone and speaker. This is for delivering and collecting phone calls through Bluetooth.

What’s more

The leaked report which came via WinFuture/Roland Quandt indicates that it is not the internal specs and hardware only getting a lift, but also the case is being lightly redesigned.

From the images that are out, it is visible that the bezel is being slimmed down, with a slight change in the way it is shaped.

Like the previous first-generation Watch GT, there resembles to be both a traditional and sports design of the watch. This is with the previous highlighting a shining silver case and brown leather leash and the following being all black with a silicone strap.

What’s exciting here is the fabrication of the bigger battery. In our examination, we noticed that it typically endured every other smartwatch operating, and conveniently.

Better battery life

Often, it would even survive the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus, this better choice for its battery durability.

Possibly this battery development symbolizes that it has characteristics that will need more power to operate. Maybe it’s just down to the addition of the mouthpiece and mic. And also due to what seems like a somewhat more extensive display.

It’s not possible to say yet if the Huawei Watch GT 2 will highlight LTE for connectivity away from the phone. But – like its forerunner – it will highlight GPS and heart rate sensors for monitoring exercises.

As an update to this, Huawei has authenticated the occurrence of the Watch GT 2 by riding it on twitter. That proposes we know the watch is occurring, we just don’t know specifically when.
Huawei has two future press exhibitions: one at IFA 2019 on 6 September, and another following in the month for the Mate 30 smartphone series. The Chinese corporation could conceivably use either to show off its next wearable symbol.


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