“He got away with murder”: Emilia Clarke on her dismay with the Games of Thrones finale ending!

The wildly controversial ‘Game of Thrones’ series finale, comes with some brutal honesty from cast member Emilia Clarke.

The Emmy nominee played Daenerys Targaryen throughout the show’s Eight-Season run and said in an interview with The Sunday Times that the HBO drama’s series finale left her annoyed. “Thrones” ended with Daenerys becoming the primary antagonist of the series. The character dies after being stabbed by Jon Snow.

Clarke told The Times, “Yeah, I felt her. I really felt for her. And yeah, was I annoyed that Jon Snow didn’t have to deal with something? He got away with murder- literally.”

She also tells how she felt about the ending when she first read it, and she tried, at every turn not to consider too much what other people might say. But she did always consider what the fans might think because they did it for them, and fans are the ones who made the show successful, so Clarke thought it’s just polite.

Earlier she defended the ending, saying it was “logical”. Now she’s said the reaction to Season 8’s finale made her feel “sad”.

Everyone is going to have their own opinion and they’re fully entitled to them, said Clarke. Games of Thrones Season 8 ended up winning a record of Emmy nominations, receiving 32. It managed to take a large number of awards in the Creative Arts categories, but Emilia Clarke, and others, fell short in the acting and writing categories the show was nominated for.

Source: Instagram

 Talk about a rough end to an arc, especially since Daenerys was one of the most complex characters the show had to offer. Obviously, Clarke would like to stay neutral with regards to the Game of Thrones finale, but after a little time has allowed the dust to settle, it’s certainly not sitting well with her.

Clarke was also candid about criticism that the final Season felt rushed and that it was all flash, but with less substance. At least towards the end of the season, fans were able to actually see all the hard work done in the massive action scenes.

Despite being an adaptation of Martin’s work, Game of Thrones would have been better off crafting a different ending to their story from the one originally planned, because by Season 8 the show had practically become a new narrative. For Clarke, the final Season arc required mapping out a series of turning points. Dany’s attack on King’s Landing might have seemed abrupt, but from the beginning of the Season, Daenerys has reacted with increasing anger, desperation and coldness to one setback after another, shifting the Mother of Dragons into a new emotional territory that would ultimately lead to her destruction.


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