Grey’s Anatomy Season 17: Who Is Coming Back to Season 17?

Grey’s Anatomy has seduced fans for many years and season 17 should be broadcasted in September 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Over the seasons, the series has come clear to reality and the scenes of operations and others are very realistic for the most part. Besides, if you’ve ever wondered what was the hardest part to play as a doctor in the long-running series, actresses Chandra Wilson and Kim Raver have answers for you.

The Cast

All of the lead characters are set to return- Dr Alex Karev (Justin Chambers), Dr Jo Karev(Camilla Luddington), Dr Teddy Altman (Kim Raver), Dr Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd), and Dr Amelia Shepherd ( Caterina Scorsone), Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti), Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.), Dr Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams), Dr Maggie Pierce(Kelly McCreary), Dr Miranda Bailey ( Chandra Wilson).

Because of the way that Season 16 began with a blast (Meredith was terminated from the medical clinic! Amelia is pregnant!), it’s safe to accept that the following season will be exciting.

As Vernoff puts it, the flow season is “complex ” and loaded with deniability, vocation changes, and significant moves in medical leadership. “It’s hard for me to say how anyone should root for or against. I think it’s a human, messy, complex season” she told TV Guide.

What to expect in Grey’s Anatomy Season 17?

Richard will physically be fine. Dr.Atticus “Linc” Lincoln ( Chris Carmack) performs a successful surgery to remove the offending hip replacement with the help of DeLuca.

Richard wakes up healthy and cognizant. However, now that Richard has regained his faculties, he once again despises his estranged wife Catherine Fox (Debbie Allen), who was by his side during his health crisis (but repeatedly humiliated him beforehand).

Expect to see Catherine attempt to right her past relationship mistakes with Richard come season 17. After a while, he may just stop rejecting her.

The DeLuca-Meredith-Cormac love triangle will probably be brewing in season 17.

Meredith obviously still cares for DeLuca, who put his own career on the line for her just a year ago. But Meredith also has undeniable chemistry and commonality with Cormac.

That romantic push and pull will likely be a major storyline next season.

We will also find out Baby Shepherd-Lincoln’s name. We never hear it in “Face”. The best money is on something Derek or Bailey related.

Teddy and Owen are over. Teddy and Koracick are probably over too. Many tears and custody battles are ahead for Teddy.

Maggie is getting a new love interest. It’s very possible we’ll see Winston as a more permanent figure in Grey’s Anatomy, he already offered to move for her in “Love”. After the garbage fire of dating Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams), it’s what Maggie deserves.

Release and How many episodes will there be?

We expect season 17 to have either 24 or 25 episodes if it sticks to previous patterns. Every single season of Grey’s has hit US screens late September, but the COVID-19 outbreak has thrown a spanner in the works, which means it might not arrive this coming September instead airing in 2021.


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