Google to open source its Cardboard Virtual Reality software

Google has once again proven its grasp and necessary attention to the real world problems and has included environmental friendly alternatives to it’s products which are, funnily enough, used to induce virtual reality. It is now open sourcing its Cardboard Virtual Reality Software for all in the hopes that companies will follow and find cardboard alternatives for their products, too.

Launching the idea of the Cardboard Virtual Reality set in the year 2014, Google had validated the DIY trend of the generation to being able to reuse and recycle old trash and make it something more efficient. Introducing the software was a huge deal back then and Google with it’s environment friendly products was highly appreciated for that. However, thevstarted to company notice the decline in the usage of the Cardboard over time, which is why they are planning to open source the whole software.

The open-source material includes APIs for head tracking, lens distortion rendering and input handling. It also features an Android QR code library to make it easier to pair any Cardboard viewer without needing to install the Cardboard application. “An open source model will enable the community to continue to improve Cardboard support and expand its capabilities, for example adding support for new smartphone display configurations and Cardboard viewers as they become available. We’ll continue to contribute to the Cardboard open source project by releasing new features, including an SDK package for Unity,” said Google in a blog post.

After the Daydream View VR headset last month, the news about the open source Cardboard coming back surfaced. All the technical requirements are expected to be available with the software for all the users over every platform. The instruction will also be made easily accessible for older versions.


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