Google Search has stopped indexing new pages for many of the web’s  largest sites

  • Google’s search indexing stopped processing new pages
  • Issues impact sites that use Google Custom Search 
  • Certain websites are unaffected by the issue

As the above highlights are implying, Google’s search indexing seems to have stopped processing new pages. The new pages are from many of the internet’s largest websites. And this started happening yesterday, suddenly some pages just stopped working.

 The Impact

Google’s search indexing servers seem to have begun having issues, sometime yesterday afternoon.The issues were with many sites which were finding newer content not being including in results.Also, the issue appears to be impacting all the sites that use Google Custom Search (GCS). And the new pages are not appearing in those results either. Many of the sites are affected badly. Among those, we find major outlets like CNN, The Verge, and the entire 9to5 network showing stale results in Google searches. 

Although the rumours are that search indexing has not stopped entirely. However, as certain websites seem to be unaffected by the issue, they continue to work as before. And yes, this is not the first time Google’s indexing has had a major issue in recent memory. Google Search indexing came to a complete stop in May.

No websites was appearing in “past hour” searches for sites or news. Google resolved the issue within a few hours at that time. However, today’s search indexing issue has been going on for a minimum of 12 hours from precisely 12 a.m. PT does not appear in search results. Because of the sensitivity of the issue, it is taking much more time than before. 

This morning, Google acknowledged today’s search indexing issue on Twitter. They acknowledged it noting that their URL inspection tool was briefly affected. 

However, Google had no information to share on why certain sites are still unaffected, or a timeline for search indexing to resume. 

The Tweets

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Google Webmasters tweeted today morning, “We are aware of reports of indexing issues that are impacting some sites beginning earlier today. We will provide another update when we have more information to share .”

They also mentioned that, “ Related to this , we are currently seeing issues in the URL Inspection tool within Search Console. We recommend waiting for this issue to be resolved, and then checking the URLs later on. Thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience.”

They also tweeted, “A large part of this issue has been resolved – in particular, the URL Inspection tool should be working normally again. We are currently still working on resolving the remaining issues and will update here once we have more to share. Thanks for your patience.”


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