Fortnite Might Bring A Borderlands 3 Crossover Event Soon

Fortnite Borderlands 3 Crossover

We’re just a few weeks out from the launch of Borderlands 3, but if you fancy a trip to Pandora before then, Epic has you covered. The latest Fornite patch dropped earlier today, introducing Borderlands 3 as an unlikely crossover partner for the battle royale.

Over the past few years, Fortnite has successfully targeted and collaborated with things that would eventually rule over pop culture and now it seems that they are going to do the same with Borderlands 3.

Fortnite’s official twitter account sent out a tweet which read “When you see it…#FortniteXMayhem” and if you look closely you will see the image of the psycho bandit from Borderlands.

It’s the iconic Psyscho bandit and you can spot it in the lower-left corner in the artwork above. On Twitter, Epic also captioned the image with “When you see it…” followed with hashtag “FortniteXMayhem”.

This is most interesting as the Borderlands Twitter account frequently uses #LetsMakeSomeMayhem, which also features a Psycho mask emoji at the end of the hashtag.

If you are unaware, shortly after Borderlands 3 was officially revealed, it was also unveiled that the game was going to be exclusive to the Epic Games Store for a limited time. Naturally, not everyone was pleased with this information and it only added fuel to the controversial fire that has been trailing the game’s development. However, it is likely this exclusivity that has led to the potential upcoming crossover with Fortnite.

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Unfortunately, Epic Games did not share any additional details about the potential crossover event so we’re left with the tease for the time being. Hopefully, we’ll get more information in the next few days.

If we had to guess what kind of event Fortnite players will get, we would say it probably has to something with Borderlands 3 skins, which certainly comes to mind when looking at the artwork design.

Crossovers are nothing new to Fortnite, as the battle royale title has had everything from Marvel’s Avengers, John Wick, all 32 NFL teams, and Nike Air Jordans brought into its universe.

Borderlands 3 is being developed by Gearbox Software and will be released on the 13th of September 2019 for PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Stadia.

Fortnite is available on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch as well as on iOS and Android devices. This is going to be the 10th or X season of Fortnite.

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