Paul George Net Worth

Paul George Net Worth
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Paul George is an American Professional Basketball player who has won the All-Star Most Valuable Player Award a total of six times. George has become one of the most scrutinized and successful players in the NBA after an underwhelming performance in the 2020 Playoffs.

But with all that wealth he has amassed he is probably not too worried about the haters. George has a net worth of $80 Million as per Celebrity Net Worth, placing him at No.38 on the Forbes’ list of highest-paid athletes. With his 4 years $137 Million contracts he signed with Oklahoma City Thunder in 2018, his 6-foot-8 guard-forward is definitely one of the highest-paid players in the NBA. With this contract, his annual salary exceeded $30 Million for the first time.

Paul George Net Worth is estimated at $80 Million

The boy from Fresno is on the path to earn around $35 million in 2020-21 and possibly approximately $38 million in 2021-22. George has certainly had to earn every single penny of the huge fortune he has amassed. He collected a mere $10 million from his rookie contract with the Indiana Pacers, but he most deservedly earned a $90 million extension in 2014 after his stellar performances and rise to fame. 

The NBA has surely made George richer than he ever imagined, and like most of his top-level contemporaries, George too has established diversified sources of income for himself. Nike has been working with George and have been one of his biggest backers over the years. The sports apparel industry giant worked with George while he was recovering from a massive leg injury in 2014 and he was made a spokesperson for the brand. He ended up becoming Swoosh’s 21st signature athlete in the history of Nike. George was heavily involved in the development of the PG shoe line, which was released in 2017 through the very successful PG1. George reportedly makes around $8 million per annum from endorsements. George signed a 5-year max contract extension that could be worth up to $226 million in December 2020.

“I am a sneakerhead and I grew up a sneakerhead. I grew up loving shoes and I loved being a part of the campaign,” said George in a Sports Illustrated report. “I feel it is about who I am and the culture that I am a part of.”

Real Estate

George purchased a 16,000 square foot home in Hidden Hills, California in 2016 for $7.4 million, which was listed for sale in June 2020 for $9.5 million. In September 2019 George purchased a home in the Pacific Palisades neighborhood in LA for $16 million, a house which was previously owned by fellow NBA star DeAndre Jordan who had, in turn, purchased it in 2015 for $12.7 million.


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