Ex-NFL Kyle Orton Net Worth and why he decided to quit his glorious football career

Kyle Orton is a 38-year-old former American football quarterback. The retired player was drafted by the Chicago Bears in the fourth round of the 2005 NFL draft. Orton was the one who replaced Rex Grossman after he was injured during his rookie years in the 2005 season.

The player did not play at all after being replaced by Grossman in the playoffs in 2006-2007 but when he did regain his position from Grossman in 2008, the team played disappointingly and he was traded to Denver Broncos in the off season.

Kyle Orton Net Worth is around of $14 million, salary of $7 Million

According to celebritynetworth.com, Kyle Orton made a net worth of $14 Million. In life time, he made many unsuccessful investments in his youth, few of which led the player in tax complications.

The player being a legendary Athlete is also known for his drinking problems, so much so that he was even mentioned in The Heaviest Drinker in sports history as reported by Bleacherreport.com.

There are numerous number of pictures and videos including his drinking problems. Even when he retired many fans shows interest of how he now has more time for drinking.

In an interview with The Indianapolis Star, the player quotes,

“Anytime you make it nine, 10 years in the league, you don’t sneak by. I played on a lot of teams, played with a lot of great teammates and I think they all held me in high regard as a teammate. That was the goal I was looking for.”

Kyle Orton played 10 NFL and retired at only 32

After the retirement, Kyle has been focused on college football and is working with high school players in Baton Rouge region and is living a normal life.

When he decided to retire, according to Chris Brown of the Bills Official website, he said

“I was going at it for 10 years and it’s a family decision and I’ve decided to get home and be a dad and call it a day.”

Fans still remember the quarterback Player

Even though Kyle Orton has disappeared from the public eye completely after his retirement, fans are still tweeting about him and remembering his glorious years.

The three quarterback were broadcasted on Television to win at narrowback in December featuring John Elway for 1994, Kyle Orton for 2009 and Peyton Manning for 2012 and after years’ fans were brought together in remembering the player as tweets flowed on twitter with fans and their memory of their time during the game.

One of the fans tweeted,

“I still have my Kyle Orton jersey.

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