John Matze Net Worth

john matze net worth
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Evolution is a law of nature. Everything that is born and everything that is made evolves. But none of it even compares to the lighting fast evolution of social media. 

There are all kinds of social media platforms out there today, catering to different needs ranging from social interactions to video creation to blogging. But no one even thought that there was a need for a ‘Conservative’ leaning social media application, no one but John Matze.

John Matze, along with Jared Thomson co-founded the alternative social media ‘PARLER’ back in 2018. Touted as the rival to ‘Twitter’ and the “world’s premier free speech platform”, the social media app has seen a massive surge in followers following the aftermath of the Presidential elections.

Fueled by a disregard for the big tech companies filtering a lot of posts and tweets during the elections had lead to a large number of conservatives joining Parler. Some of Parler’s most-active users are Sean Hannity of Fox News, radio personality Mark Levin, right-wing activist Laura Loomer, Senator Ted Cruz, and Congressman Devin Nunes.

John Matze Net Worth

Matze makes quite a good earning through his role as CEO and founder of Parler. Yet there are no available financials of Matze to give even a vague idea of John Matze’s net worth.

John Matze, during his graduation from the University of Denver, partnered with Thompson to create Parler. The idea came to be after Matze and Thompson with exhausted with big tech’s “lack of transparency, ideological suppression, and privacy abuse”.

Matze now serves as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) while his co-founder Thompson is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the conservative-friendly platform, Parler.

What is Parler

The Parler has found its niche among conservatives who claim that other big tech platforms like Facebook and Twitter censor them time and again, without any proper evidence. 

The surge in downloads of Parler is owed to the recent disappointing victory for Trump supporters and conservatives. As a result of which Parler has now reached 10 Million users, which is more than double what the platform had a week ago.

A major investor of Parler is the conservative donor Rebekah Mercer, daughter of Robert Mercer, a well-known hedge fund manager. Both the Mercers have been prominent supporters of the Trump Administration. Rebekah made a statement on Parler saying, 

“John and I started Parler to provide a neutral platform for free speech, as our founders intended, and also to create a social media environment that would protect data privacy. The ever increasing tyranny and hubris of our tech overlords demands that someone lead the fight against data mining, and for the protection of free speech online. That someone is Parler, a beacon to all who value their liberty, free speech, and personal privacy.”

In an interview with FOX News, Matze compared Parler to a town square where people can freely discuss. He said,

“We just want to sit back and say social media was supposed to be about the people. It was supposed to be about people having a free voice, being able to be, you know, liberated from restrictions. And so that’s what we are here to offer is a community town square for people to have discussions.”


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