Barry Weiss Net Worth

barry weiss net worth
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Born in 1951, Barry Weiss is an entrepreneur who rose to fame thanks to the popular A&E reality TV show, Storage WarsBarry is said to have joined the cast of storage locker treasure hunters because of his passion for finding collectibles, rather than fame and fortune.

 Let’s take a sneak peek into his Net worth and his comeback at the casino.

Barry Weiss has a Net Worth of $10 Million

According to sources, Barry Weiss has an estimated Net Worth of $10 million. Barry contributed 16 years to the entertainment world and has earned an impressive fortune. Weiss and his brother owned a successful produce company until he retired.

He also stared in many popular shows like storage wars and a spin-off series called Barry’d treasure. He is also the “official spokesperson” and “brand ambassador” for Sherwood Valley Casino in Willits, California.

Barry Weiss also has a show-stopping collection of cars as a part of his list of assets. Weiss owns a large property in the Beverly Hills neighborhood, Laughlin.

It’s reported that the Storage Wars star paid around 1.8 million.

Barry Weiss’s appearance after the accident

Barry Weiss is said to be making his first public appearance at the casino since his motorcycle accident that left him hospitalized in the Spring of 2019.

“This is a tremendous occasion for us here at the casino and the City of Willits,” said Michael J. Broderick, Sherwood Valley Casino’s General Manager.

Barry Weiss also had a greet and meet for fans and the casino members. Aside from his recent casino work, Barry hasn’t spent much time in front of the camera. In previous interviews, Weiss has commented that he wanted to make sure that he left the show on a high note, while it was still popular.

According to sources like looper, Weiss told photographer, Ferry de Kok, “I had a blast on Storage Wars. It was fun, but I had enough and I kind of wanted to leave while it was still popular.”

Even though the show was all fun and games, it did had a couple of rules that every cast member had to follow like avoiding gossiping, no fights, and many others. Though these are not difficult, being a celebrity sure is.

Is Barry Weiss married?

Barry Weiss was once married for a long time but the reason for the split-up of his and his ex-wife or the identity of his ex-wife is still unknown. Barry Weiss is no longer married but has an extensive family. 

Weiss has two grown children, a son named Jack and a daughter named Julie. Barry even has a famous godson who is another reality TV star. His godson, Jesse James, is the former owner of West Coast Choppers and host of the TV show, Monster Garage. Jesse James had a well-publicized relationship with his third wife, famed actress, Sandra Bullock.


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