Emmy Rossum has been set to star in the “Mysterious Angelyne” in New Series.

A story based on the L.A. billboard diva, featured by senior writer Gary Baum, has bagged a place in NBC Universal’s newly announced streaming service, Peacock. Emmy Rossum has been set to star in the Mysterious Angelyne in New Series. 

The ‘Shameless’ star was seen smiling ear to ear when caught on camera wearing a huge prosthetic pair of breasts in LA during the shoot. In one of the scenes being shot, the actress can be seen being interviewed by a reporter while sitting on a 1970’s Corvette as some shirtless young man look on. 

In true spirits of the real Angelyne, the actress had a lot of makeup on her that was inspired by the appearance of the billboard star back in the 1980s during her age of fame. The star first came into prominence during the year of 1984 owing all the success to her very seductively- suggestive positions that were all plastered on the billboards all around Los Angeles. 

The billboards were a huge success as it caught the attention of drivers, passer-byes and ultimately local media outlets. That gave her the opportunity to quiet a number of film role opportunities, TV show appearances, modelling opportunities and interviews. 

She was known by her staple pink look; however, her trademark was her pink Corvette and large breasts that became her main trademark. Angelyne is likewise a vocalist, who has discharged three studio collections and various singles in the course of the most recent four decades. 

In 2003, she likewise turned into an applicant in the California governor recall election, completing 28th, behind victor Arnold Schwarzenegger, in a field of 135 competitors. The limited series project will be shopped to cable and streaming outlets. 

Baum, who spent months researching Angelyne’s past, will serve as a consultant. Rossum said in a statement.

I have always been fascinated by the enigma that is Angelyne. At a young age, I can vividly remember staring up at her on a billboard above me and wondering, ‘Who is that woman?’ Gary Baum’s investigative journalism has finally unearthed the true, complex identity of the infamous woman who has fascinated Los Angeles for over 30 years. From the moment I read Gary’s recent piece, I knew I had to tell this story. It’s a poignant and bizarre tale about the hunger for fame, the sexualization of women, and the erasing of past traumas.

As per Baum’s story, after Angelyne’s mom passed away in 1965, her dad wedded another Holocaust survivor and the family moved to Panorama City, where she went to secondary school. While her paper trail closes there, Angelyne before long rehashed herself as a blonde sensation, well known basically for being celebrated, by showing up on announcements in Los Angeles and driving a pink Cadillac around Hollywood.


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