Electric Scooter Caught Fire: Dropbox Had to Evacuate its Headquarters

Electric Scooter
  • Electric scooter reportedly picked fire in Dropbox office
  • Dropbox emptied their headquarters to ensure protection

 It was a regular Wednesday at the Dropbox headquarters until the fire burst out there from an electric scooter reasoning all the employees to leave the office at an instant. According to employees, the fire broke out in the afternoon and just after that they were depleted from the building so that they remain safe.

According to Dropbox employee Ruihan Zhao, the electric scooter caught fire at around 2:45 pm while all the employees were working at full scale. The authority made everyone leave the building and it took close to two hours to make the building all safe to enter again.

The scooter did not cause much damage and the very next day Dropbox stated the incident as a small fire. Here is the statement as it was given at that time: “It was quickly put out, no injuries have been reported, and everyone was able to evacuate safely. We’re thankful to the SFFD for their swift response.” Following is the Twitter link of the incident: 

Nowadays electric scooter has been in news by randomly catching fires. The most recent before this was the Skip brand’s scooter that caught fire in Washington DC. Right now it is not very clear that if the lithium-ion batteries which were in this scooter are the same as ones were used in Skip brand’s e-scooters. As the fires are starting from the motor.

From the outer view, the scooter looked like the Tianrun R3 and was also sold by RocketX. Although till now it is not sure actually which company’s scooter it was. Usually, cheap scooters tend to catch fire because of their pieces of equipment. The investigation is under process.

Moreover, the fire timing itself was technically very sophisticated, because the company was getting ready to change from its current Brannan Street offices and shift to their new place at The Exchange building in Mission Bay the upcoming week. All the employees were beforehand requested to shift their belongings from the recent site by 5 p.m of that day.

 As the fire broke out, and they all had to leave the office for a couple of hours it made the process delayed. Many of them complained that they had to wait for hours to re-enter the building also it was too hot outside. From this tweet, which was shared by an employee, we can see the real view of the incident: 


However, as the incident did not cause much damage, everyone is safe and sound inside the office. But it indeed spread an irritating notation to all the employees as they had to wait and also it hampered their time.                                                       


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