Doug Supernaw: Net Worth of Country Singer, Dies of Cancer at Age 60

doug supernaw net worth
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Another day passes. And just when it starts to feel like 2020 is almost over, the world faces yet another tragic loss.

Doug Supernaw, the hit country singer from the 90s, has died of cancer at his home in Texas. He was most popularly known for his hit single “I Don’t Call Him Daddy” which was released in 1993. The singer was only 60 years old.

According to Supernaw’s record label B&G Records, the country singer was on a hiatus ever since he was diagnosed with cancer. The Texan country singer made his return to the recording studio in 2017 to re-record some of his songs for the “Doug Supernaw Greatest Hits” collection.

Doug Supernaw Net Worth was $1 Million

According to sources, the late country singer had a net worth of $1 Million

Doug Supernaw made most of his income through his career as a musician. The Texas-based artist started by serving as a musician in local bands. Supernaw debuted with ‘Red and Rio Grande’ was certified platinum by the RIAA. 

Reno” and “Not Enough Hours In The Night” are some of his other tracks that also topped the country music charts. 

Supernaw’s Battle with Cancer

The Texan singer’s record label B&G records confirmed the country singer’s death. According to the record label’s statement :

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“Diagnosed in February 2019 with advanced stage four lung and bladder cancer, Doug began an aggressive treatment schedule with the hopes of shrinking his numerous cancer cells. Fighting the good fight for almost two years, Doug’s cancer had spread to his brain and spine, and he was placed in hospice care in October 2020.”

News about Doug Supernaw’s cancer was first made public through a Facebook post by his official Facebook account. The Facebook post read :

“After struggling with a prolonged cough, Doug was admitted to the hospital on January 25th, where it was determined he was suffering from Pneumonia. Additional tests found fluid on his heart and lungs which put his heart in an A-Fib condition. Additional tests also found a suspicious mass in his right lung. It was then determined that it was in Doug’s best interest that he be transferred to another Houston area hospital. It was at this hospital that his medical team confirmed several masses in his lungs, lymph nodes, bones, and bladder.”

Another post was made by Doug’s Facebook account in October this year. It read : 

“Hello Everyone, I know it has been a long time since any real update, and for that, I appreciate your understanding. I have been hoping to not have to pass this information on to you, but, Doug’s cancer has spread to the brain and spine, and he is now under hospice care. I will update as much as I am able to; until then, please keep Doug in your thoughts and prayers, as you all have been.”

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