Dirty John Season 3: Completely new crime story and some spoilers!

Dirty John became the highest-rated scripted series upon its premiere in 2018. because of its gripping premise, based on Christopher Goffard’s eponymous hit podcast that discusses the life and death of John Meehan. 

Season 2 follows the acrimonious divorce battle between Betty and Dan Broderick. Both the seasons of the anthology series have received mixed to positive reviews from the critics and audiences.

It has amassed a loyal fanbase for its smooth editing, powerful performances , and narrative that is soaked in true-crime. 

Now the question arises, will there be a Dirty John’ season 3? If yes, when will it release?

Release Date

Back in 2018, Bravo ordered two seasons of Dirty John, the first airing on that community and the second on USA Community.

A third season hasn’t been introduced simply. The network hasn’t announced the renewal or cancellation of the series yet. 

However, season 2 received a favorable response from the viewers because of the chilling execution of Dan and Betty’s tragic divorce and custody battle. 

The show follows the popular anthology format by featuring one closed-ended story per season. The flexible factor makes room for the creator to span multiple seasons and there is no denying that true-crime is one of the most popular genres which holds a higher appeal among fans.

Although Cunningham said she would “ we would be having a conversation very soon” about a third season, there’s no way of predicting a release date without confirmation.

The first season premiered in November 2018, while season 2 debuted in May 2020. With that precedent set, it would likely be at least two years before another season aired.

Film and Television production has also been delayed due to COVID-19 safety concerns, which could also impact season 3’s filming schedule. 

Cast: Who is in it?

Each season has a particular bunch of characters. In season 1, we meet Connie Britton as Debra Newell and Eric Bana as John Meehan, as they execute the story of the late swindler, John Michael Meehan.

Season 2 features Amanda Peet as Betty Broderick, Christian Slater as Dan Broderick, and Rachel Keller as Linda Kolkena in the lead roles.

The cast also includes Lily Donoghue, Holley Fain, Lena Georgas, Missi Pyle, Chris Mason, and Tiera Skovbyead in recurring roles. Since it is an anthology series, we expect season 3 to feature a different cast altogether.


The July 14 finale of Soiled John: The Betty Broderick Story marks the stunning finish to the story of the Brodericks.

Betty ( Amanda Peet) murders her ex-husband Dan ( Christian Slater) and his new spouse Linda Kolkena ( Rachel Keller) after one of the acrimonious divorces in California’s historical past. 

Betty is sentenced to greater than 30 years in jail following two trials . The present depicts a real-life crime that befell within the early’ 90s and impressed articles, books , and books, and TV motion pictures.

The following season may deal with ‘love gone incorrect’ inside a house , not a pair.

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