Destiny 2: Shadowkeep gets major changes and updates

Eververse has been a contentious topic among the Destiny community since its origin back in 2015. In Destiny two, Eververse saw tons of changes, with none sitting quite right with the player base. However, it appears as if Bungie, freed from any major publisher, is creating some changes to however Eververse works that ought to see opinion shift toward the positive.

In a recent post on, Luke Smith set out the plans for the way Eververse are evolving come back Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. 1st of all, all Eververse things within the assortment can now not price Bright mud to withdraw, their new prices are Legendary Shards and Glimmer. as a result of they now not price Bright mud to withdraw, Eververse things will now not dismantle into Bright mud.

What this implies is that any Eververse things you presently have will be safely razed for Bright mud. Once Citizenship Day rolls around, this stuff can now not dismantle into the valuable resource. It’s value taking an instant to dismantle virtually everything (except perhaps your absolute favorite items) thus you’ll stockpile Bright mud in preparation. Services like Destiny Item Manager enable you to spotlight all things from Eververse (source: every verse) thus you don’t miss an issue (including shaders).

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This de-emphasis on Bright mud doesn’t mean it’s going. Previously, the sole thanks to getting Bright mud was to shop for (with actual money) Bright Engrams and dismantle what you receive or complete Tess’ bounties. With the introduction of Shadowkeep, players are rewarded Bright mud for finishing Vanguard, Crucible, and Gambit bounties.

Smith comments that although you complete the aforementioned bounties, there’ll be alternative ways in which for you to amass Bright mud.

There are changes returning to Eververse armor. within the past, the armor was specifically designed with poor armor perks. the rationale for this being Bungie didn’t need players to desire the sole thanks to get “god tier” armor rolls was to drop cash on Eververse things. Destiny two isn’t pay-to-win.

With Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, Eververse armor are reworked into Universal Ornaments. These will be hooked up to any new Legendary armor sort of a second skin. What this implies is that if you have got some armor with glorious perks, however, you favor the planning of a chunk of Eververse armor, merely apply the Eververse armor as a Universal Ornament. Have the perks and also the appearance you wish.

These changes are a step within the right direction, however, there are still tons of queries. what quantity can the things from Eververse cost? what is going to be the magnitude relation of things being sold-out for Silver versus those sold-out for Bright Dust?

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In Season of luxuriousness, way more things are being sold-out for Silver. this can be much better than having to trust loot box-like RNG once Associate in Nursing attempt|attempting} to amass an item. tho’ one will have to be compelled to ponder whether Bungie is taking a monetary hit with this technique. Sure, a lot of players could hand for skins currently that they will decide what they need, however, will that outweigh those “whales” that may purchase multitudinous loot boxes to induce what they want? solely Bungie has that answer.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is an instant for Bungie to point out the player base what they’re very capable of. whether or not that’s smart or unhealthy remains to be seen. however these changes to Eververse purpose to a brighter future.

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