Is YouTube star David Dobrik dating his assistant Natalie Mariduena?


  • David Dobrik might be dating his assistant Natalie
  • Dobrik denied this speculation and said they are just friends
  • Dobrik usually keeps his relationships secret for a while so this could be the case.
  • David has been married and has an ex-wife.

David Dobrik is being paired with his high school friend and assistant, Natalie. The couple looks adorable together, they also went to the dance together and the pictures are so cute, they will hit you good. Natalie has frequently given guest appearances in David’s Instagram and YouTube videos. The star who has 16.5 million subscribers on YouTube revealed to Delish that he had a crush on Natalie in high school. Was it just a crush or did he have serious feelings? Well, we will have to scourge history textbooks for that clarification.

Even though the 23-year-old had a thing for his friend in high school, he has made it clear that they are not dating. He told Delish that nobody in his group is dating his assistant Natalie which is kind of a heartbreaker to a lot of people. He reaffirmed that she is just a good friend to him. But he did not stop at this, he went on to say that even though he would tell the world that they are dating if they were dating but he thinks that they will never date.           

Dobrik is usually very secretive about his private life. When he dated fellow YouTube star Liza Koshy, the couple only made things official on social media after 3 months of dating. Even when they broke up, they didn’t tell their friends until 3 months after their breakup and told their fans and followers about it 6 months after their breakup. The fact that he takes his time to make his relationship public, we can infer that it is possible that Dobrik might be dating someone but isn’t ready to make it public yet. Well, we hope that this is true and David and Natalie go from just friends to “just friends”.

David Dobrik has been married once and got divorced after just one month. The bride was the 75-year-old mother of David’s friend Jason Nash, Lorraine. David flew to Boston to propose Lorrain and then they flew to Las Vegas to tie the knot. However, it turned out that it was all a prank that David played and Lorraine supported after Jason joked that David will never have an ex-wife because no woman will ever agree to marry him in the first place. David took it as a challenge and became Jason’s step-dad and Lorraine just did it for fun. We certainly hope that his next marriage lasts longer.


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