David Dobrik and James Charles matched on Dating app Bumble

Source: Instagram

David Dobrik and crazy ideas go hand in hand; be it buying a Tesla as a surprise gift for his best friend or marrying his best friend’s mother for a prank! Nothing is too crazy for him. The YouTuber got famous because of his insane 4-minute vlogs featuring various celebrities and him doing crazy pranks on all his friends.

He has been very close to his fans all his celebrity life, pranking them in real life, going all out to meet them, giving them gifts, and this time he has promised to go on virtual dates with them!

He took to Instagram to announce his short stop at the dating app Bumble, he asked his fans to join him on his short term commitment to virtual dating. Things got even funnier when James Charles tweeted a photo of Davis’s Bumble profile and the messages he sent him after getting a match with a caption- “You guys I think I have finally found the one thanks to @bumble”

Source: Twitter

He messages stated that “I hate you hahaha.” Leading to another, “Please take me on a date I won’t ask for a Tesla I promise I have my own!”

Dobrik was in a serious relationship with a fellow YouTuber, Lisa Koshy, who herself has been breaking grounds in the industry. He hasn’t been in a long term relationship since, except his 6 months’ marriage to his best friend- Josh Nash’s mother Lorraine as an elaborate prank. However, they got divorced last month when Dobrik posted on social media stating that they have decided to end their romantic relationship and filed for a divorce.

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How did the prank come into being?

Dobrik has been a loyal friend throughout his life and he has proved it way more times than people can imagine, so when his friend Josh taunted him by saying that he wouldn’t understand his situation as he does not have an ex-wife and he will never have one as nobody will ever love him, so to come back at him he flew to Boston to meet Lorraine, his friend’s mother and proposed her as a prank and ended up marrying and honeymooning in Hawaii. He and his friends do take pranking very seriously!


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