Daisy Keech says Thomas Petrou claims he made no money at the Hype House.

Daisy Keech quits Hype House

Daisy Keech, one of the co-founders of the Hype House, has officially quit. The news came over the weekend when she exposed all that was happening in the Hype House. This news came after Daisy Keech had a drama with another co-founder Thomas Petrou.

According to the sources, she stated that Thomas was controlling and manipulative and he left her out of important decisions. This compelled her to take such a decision. In her YouTube video, she mentioned how Chase and Thomas took over the Hype House and she was left out in spite of paying a humongous amount of money for the LA House where they used to collaborate.

The 20-year-old social media star revealed how she believed that her friend Thomas Petrou was a genuine person and was willing to help him out. After deciding to start a hype house after looking for rented houses at Zillow and other websites, they zeroed in on a house and they needed to pay $46,000. Daisy Keech paid $18,000 whereas Thomas just paid $5,000. She also claimed that Thomas was not willing to share social media accounts with her.

Daisy Keech said:

“He claimed that Hype House has not made any money, yet he is bragging about $8,000 Cartier bracelet he just bought, about $10,000 cat,and talking about buying a new Tesla. If Hype House hasn’t made any money, how did you buy all this stuff?”.

Thomas Petrou was manipulative and controlling

Daisy Keech mentioned in her video

Well down the line, we had press interviews that I was not there for, and I expected, again out of integrity that Thomas would speak up about the other co-founders because I already mentioned it to him prior to that, it was a little messed up that no one was given credit.”

She also said

“I was defending other co-founders as well, not even just myself”. She started feeling manipulated by Thomas. She also felt disappointed as she was told by her lawyer that they made it look like Chase put all the money and she felt disappointed by the way news was doing rounds.

Daisy Keech to her start her own Content House?

She has also revealed that she will be starting her own content house. She took to Instagram to announce her own Content House named Clubhouse based out of Beverly Hills in a lovely video. In spite of the fact that she is yet to post a video, her content house has already gained 200,000 followers and has accounts on social media like Instagram and TikTok. It is reported that other TikTokers may follow Daisy Keech to Clubhouse, however, there is no confirmation on that as yet.


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