Daisy Keech Moves Out of the Hype House Over Trademark Dispute

If you are a true TikTok fan, you’d know the forever ongoing feud between Daisy Keech and Chase Hudson famously known as Lil Huddy. People started noticing the ongoing fight when Keech stopped appearing in Hype House videos on TikTok and posts related to them on Instagram. 

The fans looked into the matter and it was revealed that the Hype House had unfollowed certain members like Daisy Keech, Patrick Huston, Connor Yates, Calvin Golby and Wyatt Xavier. Few days after this was disclosed, the real reason tried to come up in from of unaddressed rumors. Keech was being denied the position of being recognized as one of the founders of the Hype House by one of the co-founders- Thomas Petrou. Later she addressed the rumors and bombed the fans with the news of seeking legal assistance to fight against Petrou in this matter. In an interview with Insider, she told that “For the first couple of interviews, I just kinda kept my mouth shut and let them do them,” 

Source: Instagram/ Hype House

She also revealed that Petrou, one of the ex-members of Jake Paul’s Team Ten had always dreamed of having a house of his own such as the Hype House, so when he met Chase all the stars just aligned for him.

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The situation went out of hand when Keech sent her lawyer over to Petrou to sing the trademark for the merch without taking her consent. Things later escalated when Petrou’s Instagram got hacked and upon regaining control over the announced he announced that someone paid the hacker to get into his account, hinting that Keech might be into it. 

She has been fighting on the grounds that when the house was initially formed, it was her who paid for the lease deposit of the house as she was the only one at that time with such financial ability. Everyone had been discussing trademarking the term “The Hype House” which ultimately led to a consent battle with Petrou mentioned above but also after this incident, Chase Hudson’s father Cole Hudson applied to trademark “The Hype House” too, which has been going on since then.

As of now no other Hype House member has addressed this fact or agreed to talk about this publicly. Let’s hope that the house doesn’t meet the ends like Team Ten.


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