Daisy Keech is suing fellow co-founders, Thomas Petrou and Chase Hudson


  • Daisy Keech sued her friends and fellow-co-founders of The Hype House.
  • She revealed how she was cut-off from it.
  • In a recent YouTube video, she revealed how devastated and disappointed she was after Thomas Petrou’s betrayal.

Daisy Keech, who is also known as Lily Huddy has sued her fellow co-founders of The Hype House for cutting her off of the decision-making process. One of the fellow co-founders, Thomas, was her best-friends too. In a YouTube video that she posted on 29 March 2020, she revealed that she was never given recognition as the co-founder of The Hype House, and even after confronting Thomas multiple times, nothing changed on that front.

The TikTok star posted the video because she wanted to share her perspective on whatever was happening first hand, and not rely on middlemen to do so. She accused Thomas of keeping the email and social media accounts of the collective to himself, and not sharing it or giving its access to any of the other co-founders.

The Instagram influencer with the ‘first certified real booty’ said that Thomas assumed the position of the decision-maker of the house. There were no discussions or meetings held with other members or even other founders before making a decision about branding or any such thing. She went on to say that even if one member wanted to do some project because he felt that it was good for his career, Thomas would refuse it. After one confrontation, he even said that he makes the decisions around there and that’s that.

Daisy told her viewers that she invested $18K in the house that they are living in while Thomas only contributed $5K. She mentioned how Thomas thought that she was not a businessperson like him but just a model with a shelf life. She was disappointed in him more so because she was the one that provided him with a job and money when he was fired and had no money. She said that she ignored all the red flags and urged her viewers to listen to their intuition because it is always correct.

After the final confrontation, Thomas unfollowed Daisy from his account and called a team meeting to ask the other members to do the same. He cut her off completely from a collective she had helped to build. She is now suing him and Chase Hudson.


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