Cyril Schreiner Orbeez Experiment on TikTok Goes Wrong

Cyril Orbeez Experiment
Source: Twitter

Cyril Schreiner French youtube and TikTok creator destroyed his bathroom – and the entire town’s sewer system – after pouring a massive amount of Orbeez beads into his tub.


  • The viral video was uploaded by Tiktok star Cyril Schreiner
  • He pulled the plug when he filled his bathtub with Orbeez beads which expand in water
  • After the plug was pulled, the beads were poured into the drainage system
  • Mayor is on the hunt for the accused after the beads blocked the town’s drains

French social media star Cyril Schreiner has gone viral again after he poured three boxes of Orbeex beads in his bathroom. For those who don’t know, Orbeez beads expand in water and grow to about the size of marble after being submerged in water.

The situation got worse when he tries to unplug the bathe to get rid of Orbeez beads down the drain which managed to block the entire neighborhood’s drainage systems with the jelly-like balls.

French social media star made the situation worse by trying to flush the Orbeez, which resulted in it overflowing and flooding his bathroom.

After a failed attempt to flush the Orbeez, he decided to vacuum them up, and this started getting worse. His Vaccum cleaner caught fire.

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These tiny looking Orbeez look harmless in nature, however, the young YouTuber showed how these little beads can be dangerous when used in a large amount.

A Twitter user posted the entire incident on this twitter account for the English-speaking audience along with his video recordings for the disastrous experiment.

Cyril, who has half a million subscribers, originally posted the full video on his YouTube channel.

Reaction from the Twitterati:


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