Cori Bush: Net Worth of the First African-American Woman who served in the U.S House!

Cori Anika Bush is a politician, pastor, nurse and activist from the democratic party. She is also the first African-American woman to serve in the U.S house and was also featured in the documentary ‘Knock Down the house’ that featured on Netflix.

How much is the net worth of Cori Bush?

Cori Bush’s Net Worth and salary for the year are still under review and according to sources, it’s close to $1 million dollars.

Cori Bush Early Life and Education.

Born on the 21st of July 1976, Cori(Anika)Bush was raised in ST. Louis. She completed her school education from Cardinal Ritter college prep high school. She attained a graduate degree from Lutheran School of Nursing in the field of nursing.

Cori Bush put up the Kingdom Embassy International Church in the year 2011 and developed a lot of interest when she worked as a triage nurse in 2014 for Ferguson Unrest.

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Cori Bush and her political career.

Cori was a candidate from the democratic party in the 2016 U.S senate elections in the state of Missouri. In 2018, Cori Bush ran a congressional campaign against Lacy Clay. Cori Bush was described as an Insurgent candidate. Her campaigns were endorsed by Brand New Congress and justice democrats. Cori Bush won the election 56.7% to 36.9%.

She had to leave her job as a teacher at preschool when she was pregnant back in 2001 with her second child, and was also evicted along with her then-husband, and an older son and was practically living in a car.

In the year 2020, Cori Bush contested against Lacy Clay once again. This time her campaign was supported financially by Sunrise Movements, Brand New Congress and Justice Democrats. She was also supported by the Veteran Bernie Sanders, Jamaal Bowman, Nina turner, Angela Davis, Senate Paula Jean and the famous actress Michelle Forbes.

Cori Bush went on to defeat Lacy Clay in the primary election. Corey Bush attained 48.6% of winning votes in St. Louis City and she ended a fifty-two-year legacy and hold that the Clay family had on the district when Bill Clay achieved the seat in 1968 and was then preceded by his son in 2000. She is the first Black woman to win an election in Missouri. On her win, she said, “We decided that we the people have the answers, and we will lead from the frontlines.”

Remembering her hard days, she said “It is historic that this year, of all the years, we’re sending a Black, working-class, single mother, who’s been fighting for Black lives since Ferguson, all the way to the halls of Congress”, on her win.

Cori Bush was an extremely progressive representative. She was in strong support of criminal justice, police reform, a 15-dollar minimum wage and free education for state colleges and trade schools. She also stood for the cancellation of student debts. She was extremely criticized by Kevin McCarthy, Donald trump JR but she went to clarify that she stood for the reallocation of funding for healthcare and low-income communities.

Cori Bush and her award-winning streaks.

Cori has won many awards until now. She went on to receive the Women of Courage Award and Deluxe Magazine Power Award. She was also named as one of the top 50 women of St. Louis.  She was also honoured as an Unsung Human Rights Hero in 2017.

More information on Cori Bush and her personal life.

The details of her ex-husband and reasons for divorce are still unknown. Cori Bush is now a happy single mother with two children after going through struggles like homelessness.

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