Tom Green Net Worth

tom green net worth
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If you’re into stock comedy or witty punchlines, Tom Green will leave you ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing). He is a popular American Canadian comedian and best known for hosting an MTV show called ‘The Tom Green Show’. we have seen tom in many different roles on screen. He has worked as an actor, show host, rapper, director, writer, and producer. One could say he is an overall media personality. 

Doing so many jobs and being on the media map for so long must’ve earned green a fortune. Let’s dig deeper into his life and unleash how much is he worth.

Tom Green net worth

Tom Green is estimated to have a net worth of $6 million. His net worth is less compared to his ex-wife Drew Barrymore, she has a net worth of $125 Million. Though most of his earnings come from his comedy career, his part in acting, rapping, directing, and producing has helped significantly to make it to millions. 

If you guess this all-rounder media star has a net worth in millions, you are right. Being a notable name of the industry it is pretty obvious of green to have an overloading bank account.

However, becoming one of the most beloved comedians of Hollywood still up to this day comedy has been his main source of income.

Tom Green and his new Studio-Van adventure!

If you’ve seen Tom Green’s chaotic MTV show you know he is a man of adventure. Recently after releasing his new podcast named ’The Tom Green Show’ he is on a quest to do something different. Out of the boredom of this lockdown and sick of being house arrest green bought himself a state-of-the-art van and created a plan to drive himself across the country while broadcasting. In an interview with the Rolling Stone Green confessed it immediately occurred to him, “Oh, I can take my studio and make sort of a van version of it, and get out of the house.” 

This is like every explorer’s dream come true!

I’m curious what I’m going to come up with,” says Green.

“If I’m sitting there looking at a beautiful glacier or a lake or a river mountain or a canyon and I’m all by myself, I might come up with something that maybe I wouldn’t have come up with sitting in my spare bedroom.” 

We wish him the best of luck with his new endeavor and stalk his social media to be updated on his latest adventure.

How did Tom make all the millions?

Michael Thomas Green, popularly known as Tom Green, was born on July 30, 1971, in Pembroke, Ontario, Canada. His father was in the army and growing in an army background made him keen to living life outside four walls. In 1994 he graduated from Algonquin College, where he studied television broadcasting.

Green was just 15 years old when he stepped into the land of comedy. For approx two and a half years he did comedy shows at local comedy clubs such as Yuk Yuk’s comedy club. Later He joined hands with his friend Glenn Humplik, and together they hosted “The Midnight Caller Show“, which was an underground hit around Ottawa. In between, he also tried his luck in rapping. 

Finally, in 1993 he commenced his show the infamous “The Tom Green Show”. At the start, it was a non-paid two-hour long show and the show aired 50 episodes throughout two seasons until 1996. The show gained a lot of popularity all because of green’s weirdly funny doings on the show that made people laugh uncontrollably.


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