Christopher Walken Net Worth and his weird aversion to using the basic technology

Ronald Walken or more famously known as Christopher Walken is an actor, comedian, singer, director and producer. He has made his mark in more than 100 television programs and movies amongst which some of the stand outs are Annie Hall, Dead Hunter and Batman Returns.

Christopher Walken Net Worth is around $50 Million

According to, Christopher Walken has an estimated net worth of approximately $50 Million. According to the sources, it is estimated that he earns around $8 Million per year.

He has made millions of dollars by numerous brand endorsements too, majorly through Bai, the beverage brand, fashion brand like Jack and Jones, superbowl commercials, etc.

Christopher Walken weird aversion to using the basic technology

The world is advancing with technology, we have cars that drive for us, smart phones that bend and much more. However, Christopher Walken has not even used basic technology like e mail or even owned a mobile phone or a computer in his entire life.

In the latest interview on the Late Night Show when he had to set up a zoom call to talk about his latest movie Wild Mountain Thyme he told the host of the show, Stephen Colbert,

“Somebody had to come and set this up because I don’t have a cellphone or a computer.”

When asked as to why he never used this technology he responded saying “I just got to it too late. I think I’m right at a certain age where it just passed me by. And I never got involved in it because it would be strange to have any 10-year-old be much better at it than I am.”

Christopher Walken early life and growing up to be a dancer

Christopher Walken was born on the 31st of March in the year 1943 in Astoria, Queens. His mother’s name is Rosalie Russell and is of Scottish descent. His father’s name is Paul Walken and is of German descent and was the owner of the Walken Bakery in Astoria. Christopher Walken is a Methodist and had two brothers named Kenneth and Glenn.

Christopher Walken grew up as a fan of Elvis Presley and was also a student at Hofstra University but he quit university after one year. He then went on to train as a dancer in the Washington Dance Studio and he then moved on to do stage roles for dramas and finally landed a career in the film industry.

Christopher Walken’s happy marriage and the Natalie Wood controversy

Christopher Walken met the love of his life, Georgianne Thon on the tour of West Side Story in the year 1963. The couple got married in 1969 and decided to not have any children. However, the couple live happily together with their cat whose name is Bowie. Their previous cat’s name was Flapjack.

There was a rumoured affair between Christopher Walken and Natalie Wood. However, it was never acknowledged by either of them. Natalie Wood died in a drowning accident on the 29th of November and Christopher Walken was the last person to see her alive. In 2011, the case was reopened however, Christopher Walken was not a suspect and the cause of death was an accident and changed to undetermined.

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