Charlie D’Amelio’s Net Worth, A Rude Chef Controversy made her lose 1M Followers

charli damelio net worth
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The internet is really a wish-granting factory if used as it should be. A daily 15 seconds videos dancing to some tunes or lip-syncing can make you earn millions even if you’re just 16 years old or even less. We have a living example among us to second the statements. Charlie D’amelio or popularly known as the ‘TikTok queen’ earns millions and thousands of dollars while you sit and read this article. 

One of the few things we did in this lockdown is either to make Dolgona Coffee and try some TikTok dances! if you don’t know what TikTok is first, we would suggest you stop living under a rock, and second, TikTok is a popular app on which people post short videos of dances which makes them gain popularity and even big paycheques. And if you know TikTok, you automatically must’ve come across Charlie.

There is no doubt that Gen-Z is taking over the internet but the way Charlie went viral is quite impressive showing the real power of the internet. After many controversies under her name, today Charlie earns more than any reputed American businessman or any famous 30-year-old actor. 

Charlie D’Amelio net worth is $4 Million

There are hundreds of articles online stating different figures but as of 2020 in just a year of her career, Charlie D’Amelio is worth $4 million.

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This number would just increase in the coming years as she expands her realms and continues to entertain us in different ways. 

One might go nuts when we will unleash Charlie’s net worth. It won’t only leave you astonished but also make you feel bad about your life if you’re an adult and not earn a million-dollars already.

Source: Instagram / @charlidamelio

Short Chef-video made Charlie lose 1M Followers

But there’s some bad news for the ‘influenza’. Charlie lost around 1 million TikTok followers after she and her sister Dixie released a video demonstrating appalling table manners and rude treatment of their chef. To their surprise, the video was perceived negatively by the viewers and they had to experience fierce and rude comments leaving her followers disappointed by her childish behavior. 

This was bad timing as she was about to hit 100 M and one million away to reach her goal. She sounded rather greedy while conversing with James Charles in a Youtube video. Though we can’t deny the fact that she is just a 16-year-old girl having a difficult time handling her overflowing fame.

Charlie joined TikTok in 2019 when she was just 16 years old and started making videos on her self titled channel. Eventually, people started liking her videos and recreating them and within a few months, she had 5 million followers on the app. She stole the spotlight and earned true fame when she collaborated with Bebe Rexha as an opening act for the Jonas Brothers in Brooklyn. As of today, she has 98.5 million followers on TikTok, a growing Instagram, a YouTuber, and even owns a beauty brand alongside her sister Dixie. 

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