Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae shift turfs to YouTube

Source: Instagram

If you don’t know who Charlie D’Amelio and Addison Rae are then you have got to be living under a rock. The two most followed TikTok stars have now shifted their turf from the app to YouTube. It wasn’t surprising to see that they got instant fame and recognition at this platform as well.

They have been producing non-stop content on TikTok and are using that popularity to garner attention on this video streaming platform. This can be seen as a trend and strategy which was previously used by the viners and turned out to be very helpful for them to start early. Viners like the Paul brothers, David Dobrik have caught the attention of millions of people and have become one of the most followed and successful content creators in the industry.

Source: Instagram

So, following their strategy does not seem problematic at all. The girls have been creating vlogs and make up centric videos, which is a huge trend right now with all the attention Beauty Gurus and the makeup community has been getting. Charlie D’Amelio recently collaborated with James Charles who is the most followed Beauty Guru on YouTube and seemed to share a very good bond as they hang out together and share the same group of friends. One of the examples of Charlie’s vlog section could be her trip to Italy for a Dior Fashion in Milan. She covered all of the experience for her fans to experience it with her.

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Her James Charles collaboration has garnered almost 12 million views if we combine the total viewership on both channels that is Charlie’s and James Charles’ and were placed number 3 and 1 respectively on YouTube’s trending page.

It is no doubt that these two paved the way for the dancing community in TikTok, before them the app was mainly for comedies and parodies, it was them that changed the whole purpose of the app. The daily trending dances in the app originate from the fact that these two initiated this concept and it was easily accepted by the whole community, even giving confidence to people who cannot dance to at least try and not be laughed upon.


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