Charli XCX and Marc Rebillet are doing live streams on Twitch and Instagram


  • Concerts and tours are canceled due to coronavirus outbreak so, music artists are turning to Twitch and Instagram.
  • Marc Rebilled started live-streaming on Twitch in an attempt to survive.
  • Charli XCX starts daily ‘Self-isolation IG Livestream’.

Due to the global pandemic, all activities are canceled especially those which attract large crowds. Therefore, tours and concerts of music artists are also canceled to contain the outbreak of COVID-19. In these testing times, artists are thinking of new, creative ways to entertain their audience who are also isolated at the moment as is the entire world. They also try to earn money through platforms like Twitch because many American music artists rely on the sale of hard tickets for their concerts and tours for income. Instagram is also a popular platform where many artists are going live and doing different things to pass their time and entertain their fans as well.

American singer, Mark Rebilled is one of the many music artists who are taking to digital platforms to perform “quarantstreams”. Most of the indie artists like him are herding to twitch instead of Instagram, the reason being that Twitch is more financially focused. Mark was supposed to be performing in Australia right now but instead, he is sitting at home. In an attempt to cover the damages caused by the cancellation, he turned to Twitch.

Source: Twitter

Twitch has various features that make it more efficient earning-wise. People can subscribe to channels with their Amazon Prime accounts. Features like Cheers allow fans to tip micro-amounts. Other than this, features like raid and auto-hosting allow artists to support each other and bring each other up.

Source: Instagram

Charlie XCX is using this isolation to do somethings that is productive and creative. She has started a show on Instagram called “Self-isolation IG Livestream”. The show is meant to provide entertainment, emotional support, and some comfort to her fans amongst the ongoing global pandemic. The singer invited various guests to her show which started on 18th March. The guests shared experiences, sparked conversations, performed, etc to entertain the audience. Her guests included Christine and the Queens with whom she had an open, honest conversation about what is happening in the world right now. Diplo was there with a personal training session. Charli caught up with Rita Ora in a ‘Girls Night In’. Kim Petras joined the show to play a game of “Would U Rather?”. There was Clairo with her ‘therapeutic art class’. This show allows the viewers to get to know these celebrities and enjoy their time in isolation.


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