Charli D’Amelio apologizes for upsetting the Cosplay community.

charli damelio

Cyber Bullying has been increasing past this decade and as we enter a new one, this too comes along, not with a change but with increased consequences. The 15-year TikTok celebrity Charli D’Amelio who got famous after one of her videos dancing to the song Renegade went viral last year. 

At such a young age where she should be enjoying creating her content, she has been receiving a lot of negative remarks on her choice of lifestyle and content. Recently, she posted an apology on TikTok addressing one of her videos with her friends dancing to an anime dance which seems to have disappointed the Cosplay community. The sadness could be seen on the face of the TikToker who has continuously been criticized for all her actions.

People have been confused by the reaction she has been getting for dancing simply for content and with innocent intentions. The said clip of the anime dance originates from a popular anime- ‘Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai’ the cosplayers were mainly angry because in her caption she wrote, “POV we’re cosplayers”, this blew up, as the cosplayers took it as a form of bullying and many stated that if the roles were reversed then they would be getting a lot of hate for making fun of the 15-year-old star.

She has not only been attacked now but has been criticized since the day she got into the public eye, people have shown disrespect towards her getting fame at a very young age and challenged her parents on their ability of good parenting as they allow her to do something out of the norm. Not only her but also all TikTokers have been a subject to scrutinize by people from different social media platforms especially YouTubers, who do not consider TikTok as a competition and call it ‘lame’.

Earlier to this one of the old TikTokers- Perez Hilton called the D’Amelio sisters for wearing bikinis at a very young age and calling out their parents for allowing their kids to wear it in order to earn money. One more example was when diss tracks related to Charli D’Amelio was uploaded in TikTok by a 23-year-old man calling her talentless and a money-making machine for her parents. 

These all situations show that the people on the internet have been getting harsher with their thoughts forgetting that it might affect the mental health of the kids they are ridiculing. 


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