Cate Blanchett And Andrew Upton Sell Their $12 Million Apartment

Andrew Upton and Cate Blanchett have finally decided to sell their last remaining Sydney home for $12million (AUD). It has a panoramic view from The Domain to the Opera property. It is also one of the largest property in Sydney CDB’s historic Astor

There is a story that says that the building’s board had no information about the dramatic changes he made to the apartment until he invited them all to a party, where he greeted them as he dramatically descended the new circular staircase.

Source: Instagram

In 2005 Mark Bouris bought this property and made some modifications. A year later he added a three-bedroom apartment with four bathrooms, separate living areas, five bedrooms, and a study making it a 400-square-meter apartment.

In the past four years, Cate and Andrew have sold 3 properties already including this one. Currently, they stay in a $6million (AUD) English manor, Highwell House, in East Sussex.

They bought this Bouris apartment for $8 million (AUD) after they sold their first home in Hunters Hill for $19.8 million (AUD) to a buyer from China who later found out to be a defaulter and the property was again in the market. According to sources, there were two to three parties that were interested in buying the property, however, it was later sold to a local buyer.

The couple moved to English manor in East Sussex in 2015.

The couple bought the apartment 5 years ago for $8million. Currently, they are selling it for $12million, which gives them a profit margin of $4 million.

Cate and Andrew got married in 1997 and are blessed with four kids Dashiell, Roman, Ignatius, and daughter Edith.

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